effective follow up strategies

Six Tips for Following Up with Clients Without Being Overbearing

effective follow up strategies

Following up with clients is a necessity if you want to take advantage of the client list that your company has worked hard to build up through the years. However, you need to tread carefully when you’re reaching out to clients to avoid coming across as pushy or overbearing.

By making slight tweaks to your follow up practices, you can improve your results so that clients will always see you as a provider of much-needed assistance rather than an annoying nuisance.

The following are six great tips for following up with clients without being overbearing.

Focus on the needs of clients

Too many companies make the mistake of pushing their own desires in follow up calls. It’s good to provide value to your clients by not only catering to their needs but also anticipating their needs.

Try to stay posted on any company news for the client that you’re calling. This way, you can prepare products and services especially for them. People like to see others taking an interest in their goals. Knowing what’s going on for your clients will endear your company to them and leave them wanting to show their appreciation of your attention.

Keep things as brief as possible

Just like you, your clients have busy schedules that they need to keep up with to stay on top of things. You want to make sure that there is no time wasted when following up calls are made.

While exchanging pleasantries and discussing news can be helpful, staff members making follow up calls need to be sensitive to the reactions of clients and learn how to speed things up when necessary. Those making calls should also be willing to call back at another time if they reach someone who is busy at the moment.

Always be aware of your client’s preferred method of communication

You’re not going to get anywhere with a client if you repeatedly ignore what they tell you. If a client prefers to be contacted only by email, they’re not going to appreciate being contacted on the phone. Likewise, clients won’t enjoy getting emails from you if they’ve expressly told you in the past that they only conduct business via phone or in person.

Make sure you’re focusing on input from your clients and only using the contact method they prefer. This will show emotional intelligence in the workplace in your devotion to meeting client needs. It will also likely prevent your clients from asking to be removed from your contact list.

Don’t let too much time pass before you follow up

If you don’t follow up on things soon enough, you can ruin your chances because your client may forget who you are. You need to keep the connection alive by staying in touch over time.

Don’t let months pass by before you follow up. Also, make sure that your sales staff member goes over a recap of what business you’ve done with the client in the past to remind them.

Find a way to stand out from the competition

If your calls sound like everyone else’s, you’re going to seem a lot more annoying than you will if you succeed in being unique and memorable. Try to keep any generic responses out of the dialogue that your staff members have with your clients.

Develop a unique personality for your company and make sure that this personality comes out in every single follow up call. This way, you’ll be immediately recognizable and you won’t remind your clients of all those other to follow up calls they’re getting from your competitors.

Don’t insist on making a sale and merely focus on keeping in touch

One of the most off-putting ways to be pushy is to try to force a sale that’s clearly not in the cards. Clients will appreciate that you’re willing to concede when they clearly don’t want to work with you at the moment. This can help you down the road when a client does have a need you can meet with your products or services.

If you are pleasant and not pushy, clients will be more likely to welcome your call down the road when your company’s offerings are more in line with that particular client’s needs at the moment.

Optimizing your companies follow up call regime

If you find that you’re not having a lot of success with your follow up calls, it’s time to make some changes. Focus on the tips above and train your sales staff to incorporate these tips into every interaction. You need to create a situation where your clients want to receive follow up calls and look forward to hearing from your staff because of all the benefits you offer them. To know more call us @ 7899-887-755.

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