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CRM based Sales Funnel: Start turning by-standers to eager prospects

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For any business, marketing to new customers is akin to view and aim at an archery aim board.  At the center of it, you could have a tiny aim with prospects you can instantly convert. With the gradual transformation of outer layers, the volume of customer increases and your opportunity of conversion decreases incrementally.

Most Customers Require Serious Convincing

While viewing your central circle of archery, your most important customers are least likely to purchase your products. Your central customer-base is most likely to purchase your product. With further moving from your central arena, your purchase rate progressively drops-off.

While being undecided about making a purchase, these customers are definitely interested in your products. With increasing distance from a central focus, it gets harder to make purchases that could make a difference.

The further the customer interests lie from your ideal customer, it takes more time and attention to turn them into buying customers.

The task of converging and converting customers could be better realized with the use of a CRM-based sales funnel.

Leverage Sales Funnel Functionalities

A CRM sales funnel helps you drive, manage and convert customers from its shortest route. For example, most new leads are half-curious price inquiries that have a sharp drop-off ratio. With CRM, you can categorize each section and gradually manage your rates of drop-offs.

Gauging Levels of Interest

At the first point of contact, one needs to first gauge the prospect’s level of interest in your product. If the interest is not gauged decisively, the potential level of interest could be hard to measure.

Based on prospect interest and another set of features, you can set your customer upon a line along the sales funnel. This helps you measure your potential levels of sales interests.

One needs to precisely understand customer requirements, with respect to own ability to provide them. In this case, your data could be decisively meeting your desired levels of interests.

Gain Visibility over noise

Today’s market has a large number of manufacturers providing similar products in a large market. When competition is with equals, having a nose advantage means large difference; it is best achieved by means of value-added services.

This can include multiple features like instant customer service accessibility, added information marketing, guided product development etc… It helps you instantly win over the competition.

When an average consumer has multiple products vying for his attention, it becomes harder to make it the primary choice. Instead, win and manage prospect attention through CRM.

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