Redefining Customer Support with AI driven Chat Automation

Redefining Customer Support with AI driven Chat Automation

Kapture CRM introduces a new element to its chat module.

The live chat Software  feature has now been equipped with a machine learning driven automation that allows it to make use of Natural Language Understanding to ascertain user intention.

The new chat feature has two elements to it;

  1. A module driven by the decision tree method.
  2. A module that is driven by a fixed set of questions.

In this blog post let’s look at each of these bots in detail;



Assisted by machine learning every conversation is divided into a series of possible answers.

The chat system then uses Natural Language Understanding to determine user intention and then uses Kapture’s custom API to draw data from the client’s user base to offer the customer the required information.

For example in the case of an Order cancellation query.

A customer would first engage with the chat bot


If a customer chooses the order cancellation option, the chat automation triggers an API pull, that bring in the exact order ids of this user.

Chat Box Decision tree 2

Once the user chooses the order id he wants to enquire about – the automation offers him a series of options on the next steps.

Chat Box ML tree

Let’s assume the customer is not at home at the moment.

Chat Box ML tree 2

He is then offered an option to reschedule the delivery. Based on the existing order routes – the system then offers him dates to reschedule the delivery.

This method eliminates the need to assign a support representative to resolve this query helping companies increase ticket resolution and reduce support costs.



This method uses a set of fixed questions to determine the next steps of action to assist the customer.

The goal here is to collect the information required to route the conversation to the right department.

For example in the case of a service query.

The chat bot would first offer the user a series of options on issues they can get assistance with.

Chat Box FAQ

Here the decision tree is at play as well.

As within each branch there are a number of sub branches.

For example if the user chooses the option repair.

Chat Box FAQ 1

The bot heads over to the branch Repair and access its sub branches.

Chat Box FAQ 2

Once the bot has reached the end of its tree it then connects the user to a live agent.


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The chat system also offers you the ability to track live conversations.

chat analytics


You can also keep a close watch on your KPI’S like;

  1. Chat traffic
  2. Turn around time
  3. First response time
  4. Customer ratings and more

Chat Analytics 2



Kapture’s live chat lets you scale up your customer service with its chat automation.

Driven by AI, the smart chat system curates the best responses based on the data you feed it to offer your user – required information.

You can cut down on support costs and integrate the live chat into your website and application.

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