Pharmaceutical Business with Kapture CRM

Scale your pharmaceutical business with Kapture CRM

Businesses in pharma industries largely have multiple clientele to serve. This includes both sales and customer support operations. A customer relationship management (CRM) platform helps these pharma companies by streamlining sales, ticketing, on-field processes among many others. Kapture CRM helps pharmaceutical companies manage their relationships with customers (doctors, retailers, clinics, etc) with ease.

So let’s dig in and find out how Kapture CRM can help you streamline and automate the sales and customer support processes of your pharmaceutical firm.

  • On-field sales team management: Using Kapture CRM, assign customer visits, and daily tasks to your sales team. Using the mobile app, agents check-in, and check-out in real-time whether they are visiting doctors or simply delivering products. You can also monitor the movements of your on-field team using geolocation. Agents can also add data regarding new leads and products on the go.


  • Unified dashboard: Kapture’s unified dashboard helps your sales and support agents access necessary customer data and perform tasks quickly without requiring to switch applications. Agents can access client data, purchase history, payment information in real-time. In addition to this, you can add your product or service catalog onto the CRM app to help your agents engage better with doctors, new prospects, or customers.


  • Useful reports: Your management team can easily view and analyze the performance of your sales and support team using multiple reports and analytics made available by Kapture. They can choose to see reportable, filterable status and reports pertaining to lead closures, turnaround times, SLAs, and so on. They can also analyze revenue targets, meeting targets, and several other metrics easily.


  • Integrated customer database: An efficient cloud-based CRM such as Kapture stores all your necessary customer data and allows you to retrieve the data whenever required. Firstly, this helps your sales team communicate with clients/patients very effectively and reduces their waiting time. Some of the essential customer data that CRM helps in include
    • Account and contact management
    • Customer communication history
    • Customer purchase history
    • Customer confidential (medical records) and contact details
    • Prescription data management
    • Insurance data


  • Enhanced operational management: Kapture CRM offers intelligent, state-of-the-art features that will help you effectively manage your operational tasks. This includes sales forecasts, purchase pattern analysis, quality control, and so on. Running your operational tasks means better customer service and increased return on investment (ROI). In addition to this, smooth operational management helps in increased productivity and saved time.


  • Increased automation: One of the most important benefits offered by a CRM solution is the automation of tedious, repetitive tasks. This automation is made available in multiple business operations including sales, contact center, service center, and field force management, and ticketing. Let’s take a simple example. Using a self-serve feature facilitated by Kapture CRM, your customers can resolve simple issues (maybe related to their medicine order) and find answers to their questions automatically without the interference of an agent. Using rules, logics, and triggers, you can automate simple tasks, and save time and resources.


  • Ticketing system: Having an efficient ticket management system in place can help you boost your customer support. Using Kapture CRM, you can automatically route tickets to agents. Agents are also given access to the customer data required to resolve these tickets in a quick manner. Using Artificial Intelligence, the CRM can also resolve simple tickets by itself. Tickets that are unattended over a chosen period of time are escalated to higher management and this way, no customer is left unattended. Your support agents can respond to tickets that are incoming from various sources (chat, email, social media platforms) on one dashboard.


Kapture CRM has the expertise to deliver an efficient, highly-configurable CRM software for your pharmaceutical business. We will assist you in every stage of the implementation as well. Reach out to us today and request a free trial of our product.


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