All you need to Know about Cart Abandonment


You’re putting so much effort into keeping users on your site and growing the base of loyal customers. But they still come and go or abandon their cart in the last step of the purchasing process. There are many reasons why shoppers leave without going through the final payment process and the most common reasons are ‘Decided I didn’t need it’ or ‘Wanted to do more research’ or may be ‘Found it cheaper elsewhere’. Now, this can be a chance for you to display a better offer or incentives to convince customers they need your product.

Take a closer look at the reasons why shoppers abandon their carts and ways to decrease the risk:

Complicated checkout:

Most of the consumers don’t have ample time to spend on online shopping. They might as well know what they are looking for when visiting your online store so they can buy it fast and avoid distractions. A complicated process with many steps can make anybody frustrated and that may result in an abandoned cart and lost revenue.


What you can do-

Provide your customer base with a simple buying path with a step-indicator so they can keep themselves aware of the steps, thereby completing the entire purchasing process.

Forced Account Creation:

Some people who just want to buy one thing and (want to do it quickly), might not be satisfied when you force them to sign up. Research shows that the need to create an account before buying anything is an obstacle for 23% of customers.


What you can do-

One of the best ways is to provide a “guest checkout” option. Collecting customer data via registration helps you manage the communication with them, but not allowing purchases for guests has a direct impact on the number of abandoned carts.

Unexpected extra costs:

Unexpected surprises are good, as long as they are good ones. But when it comes with an extra cost, be rest assured that most users will put off the purchase.


What you can do-

If there are any possibilities of extra charges, show them on the product page. Keep shipping costs visible on your checkout page, and let the customers see that before the payment process. Also, display a preview of the shopping cart with the final price, inclusive of shipping and tax costs, during the checkout to avoid disappointment.

High shipping cost:

Even if a customer is determined to buy something he may change his mind if the shipping cost is too high. That’s another reason to display all shipping costs on one page before the checkout process.


What you can do-

if it’s at all possible, offer free shipping. That, in turn, might increase orders even by 90%. Offering free shipping during a peak season surely will give you a good ROI.

Coupon Code:

It is likely for customers to assume that there is a special offer when they come across a Coupon Code box. They might even leave your site to search for the code and that comes with a risk for them to never return again.

What you can do-

If you rarely offer coupon codes, you should hide the box. Instead of displaying it for everyone, you could just show the coupon box to your targeted audience.

Price showed in a foreign currency:

If you’re accepting international orders, you should provide payment options in the multiple currencies. Shoppers from other countries should not be left to wonder what the exchange rate is and how much they will pay.

What you can do-

Choose a payment getaway and payment method that let you sell with the most used currencies.

That’s it! Now you know all the e-commerce cart abandonment best practices to help you recover more sales.

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