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Kapture is our Happy Workplace – Let’s Hear it from the Team!

With our people at the fundamental forefront, we at Kapture believe in nurturing and empowering organizational culture through some of the best-in-class people practices. While the newer ways of working post covid surely brought in an unprecedented wave of change, we are proud of how we stayed resilient and are still striving to emerge stronger at the other end of the pandemic. 

We prioritize fostering a supportive and authentic organisational culture within the team that pervades out into our own efforts at supporting our patrons and their businesses. Because It’s only from a reassuring background that we can create support for others.

A diverse and inclusive work culture is the premise on which we have built our customer service values. And just as with our partners and customers, we focus on building relationships with one another within our organisation too. To shape a collaborative space where employees are heard and respected, efforts must first begin at home.

Which is why we have attracted the best and brightest, yet warm and compassionate individuals to the team.

So what makes Kapture an amazing place to work ? And how does that enable us to pay it forward to our clients?

Let’s hear it from the team.

Vatsala Issar, quotes

Kapture CRM

“A great place to work is just not about lavish perks, fancy parties and amazing benefits, Although Kapture has it all! To me Kapture means unparalleled growth and I think it’s safe to say that the kind of culture we have in the organisation has given that extra push to always stay motivated.

The flexibility here makes me feel trusted to meet my goals in a way that works for my life.

This year, for example, we saw exceptional support for employees during the COVID-19 pandemic from the entire management and most importantly a safe environment where our ideas are heard!”

Jayantika Biswas, says

“At Kapture , we are reassured at every juncture how valuable we are. Kapture has always prioritized team building. The leadership ensures scope for growth & learning in every step we take in making Kapture a prominent name in the industry. In my journey of 9 years in this organization, Kapture has proven that “Happy Workplace “is not a myth!”

A. Sudhakar puts forth

Kapture CRM

“I am the watchman at Kapture and joined 7 months back. I have built a  good rapport with the people out here and find the place quite supportive in all respects. There have been quick resolutions to problems, if any. I feel good and appreciated.”

Soujanya Prabhu explains

Kapture CRM

“I have been working at Kapture for 6 years now and have been given an opportunity to work in different sectors which has enhanced my skill set, helped me establish myself and also made me a part of Kapture’s core team, along with others. We truly have great opportunities to grow and progress within the company. Our workplace makes us feel valued because every voice is valued, every idea is validated’. 

The leadership team is approachable and fair, always supportive and makes sure I move forward with the company. Also, there are clear expectations set and instructions provided on how to meet them. 

In fact, we are also motivated by being offered good benefits – paid time off, timely promotions & increments, occasional meetings/gatherings/outings, open collaborations amongst all.”

Sai Jayachandra tells us

Kapture CRM

“In the era where long work hours are glorified, Kapture is one of the very few startups that actually promotes work-life balance.The rate at which Kapture is growing offers an infinite number of opportunities for personal growth. Talent is always rewarded at Kapture, and employees not only have the opportunity to grow in their area of focus but also get an opportunity to try something different.”

Rajeev Prasad quotes

Kapture CRM

“Kapture acknowledges the employee’s effort and helps to climb the top of the ladder in a short span. The remuneration both in terms of Salary and Incentive motivates the individual to be on the top of their game.”

Our biggest assets have spoken! It indeed would not be possible to make an impact without their grit, diverse perspectives and experiences.

In order to pursue a symbiotic relationship with our clients and work in synergy with them, attracting the best talent who also preserve and nurture our human dimension, takes top precedence for us. This is also how artistic ideas are harnessed to develop innovative and scalable solutions which is also why our clients are inspired to work with us and are even more than happy to vouch for us!

If we may say so, thanks to the good company we keep, we have and are phenomenally expanding. In other words, thanks to the team and their brilliance, the entire Kapture family have become what we are today.

Let’s talk.

As part of our Internship Program, we get freshers with their freshest ideas, onboard and assist them with the requisite training pertaining to their choice of career across domains – Sales, Marketing , HR or Finance. Post the internship tenure, we offer a full-time opportunity to them based on their performance.

Does this sound like you? Your greatest strengths lie in your ability to empathize with those around you, learn quickly, and your love of creative collaboration.

Come, become a part of the Kapture family, here.


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