Improve customer experience by maintaining good employee morale

How to improve customer experience by maintaining good employee morale?

Improve customer experience by maintaining good employee morale

A business’ objective is to serve as many customers as they can, and do so while building mutually beneficial relationships. If the customer is happy dealing with the organization, then that means that they are content with the business representative – their sole interface with the organization.

For a business to run efficiently and meet its objective, they must not only work hard to engage with their customers, but also their own employees, since they are the life-force of the organization and are the ones who ensure that it runs efficiently and smoothly at all times. A motivated team is also creative, efficient and more likely to set the right business image, and turn incoming leads into long-term customers.

A disgruntled or an unmotivated employee cannot effectively engage with a customer, and is extremely likely to lose out on any potential customers. Furthermore, the loss of customers means a loss in the brand image and customer experience, which further results in more lost business – it’s a vicious cycle.

The business must identify and attempt to dispel the source(s) of an employee’s disengagement in order to boost their morale, so that they can better interact with the customers. To ensure that the employee is properly engaging with a customer, every business must follow certain procedures using which they can gauge employee morale as well as the customer’s satisfaction with the employee during the sales meeting.

Obtain feedback from your customers

The simplest and best way of knowing how your representatives are working on-field is by surveying the customers and asking them how they would rate the employee’s conduct. These surveys can either be pushed in real-time, after the system detects that the meeting is over, or it can be conducted after a set period of time.

Instead of providing the employee with an abridged version of the feedback report that only highlights the essential points, giving them the full picture helps them fully understand the impact that they have with the customers.

Customer feedback is a great way for an employee to self-reflect and recognize potential problem areas on a daily basis, so that they can work to remove the demotivating elements and improve themselves.

Obtain feedback from your employees

To understand how one of the employees behaves around a customer, a company can look at how they behave with their colleagues. This type of employee feedback is referred to as internal feedback, and it can be an extremely powerful tool to understand each employee’s personality, professionalism and work culture.

Internal feedback gives the company, as well as the employees, insight into potential problematic or issue-prone domains, and prepares them to mutually work on them and convert weaknesses into strengths.

Analyze and implement the feedback

Whether the feedback is obtained externally from the customers, or internally from the employees, its main objective is to provide analytical data about an employee’s code of conduct and improve on any discrepancies proactively.

This not only ensures that all employees have high morale and can properly engage with the customers, but also reduces organizational costs on training and deploying actions. Employees also need proper work tools to incorporate productivity in their operations; a company must understand an employee’s requirements through the obtained feedback and provide them with functional tools that will help them serve the company better.

Creating a closed feedback loop within an organization facilitates a work environment with constant improvements, no matter how small they may seem, that ultimately boost employee morale and eventually customer satisfaction.

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