A Complete Guide to Train Your Customer Service Agents

A Complete Guide to Train Customer Service Agents Using LMS & KMS

Is this annoying or is this annoying? 

The agent tells you they will get back to you about your shipping status and ends up not getting back to you.

Poor help desk service can be very frustrating and dealing with poorly informed customer service agents can be even more exhausting. 

Did you know that according to a report by HubSpot Research about 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with businesses that offer excellent customer service? That’s right! That is how important customer service has become in the 21st century. 

Good customer service practices are exactly why businesses in the 21st century thrive or stay profitable. If businesses plan on staying profitable and in the game, then focusing on effective customer service training is a must-do. In order to provide customers with the best customer support assistance, businesses have to first make sure that they have the best customer service teams who are capable of handling complex help desk issues. Poorly trained agents can not only decrease customer satisfaction levels but also hamper the growth of the company. This blog will serve you as the ultimate customer service training manual.

How Effective Customer Service Agent Training Can Help You Step up Your Customer Service

 For starters, it helps businesses step up their first-call resolution game!

Customers hate delayed remediation and are constantly looking for ease to save time. 

A customer service agent’s performance plays the most important role in FCR and improving FCR can be challenging if the customer support agents are trained poorly. Customers are not fans of patience and delaying the first-call resolution can cause a lot of trouble. A well-trained customer support agent can efficiently and quickly solve help desk tickets and this ultimately leads to better first-call resolutions. 

1. Helps Agents Give You the Most Contextual Solutions

At the end of the day, aren’t we all looking for a solution to end our problems? Be it in life, in conversation with a doc or with a customer service rep!

Fruitful customer service interactions can only take place if the agent relies on contextual information. A well-trained customer support agent can easily make use of the software and technology available at her/his disposal to provide customers a solution that is contextual and effective to the customers’ problems or tickets.

Without beating about the bush.

2. Builds a Positive Brand Image

Well-trained customer support agents helps Builds a positive brand image

3. Helps Improve CSAT Scores

Well-informed customer service reps = better solutions to help desk tickets.

Everyone wants to save time and well-trained customer service reps make sure of it.

When the customer service workforce receives effective training it helps them deal with the most challenging help desk tickets and customer service interactions in the fastest way possible. 

The end result? Happy and satisfied customers. Increased CSAT scores. 

And the topping on the cake is increased brand loyalty. Because we’re here to acquire new customers, yes. But retaining them is an art!

Role of LMS and KMS 

When training your customer service reps one of the first and most important steps is choosing the right tools. Having efficient and effective ed-technology can make all the difference in the world. It equips your customer service agents to face a variety of challenges and aids them in handling complex customer service tickets.

A Learning Management system (LMS) and a Knowledge Management system(KMS) are the 2 must-have training tools. They help customer support agents stay alert, aware, and focused. In addition to this, these 2 tools also help businesses increase productivity and efficiency among help desk agents. 

What is a learning management system and how does it help your agents learn? 

Simply put, a learning management system is an eLearning tool or software that is used for creating an effective and efficient digital learning experience for the users.

LMS also ensures an effective learning environment for your agents while helping businesses provide accessible training. Learning management systems help businesses:

  1. Train customer support personnel
  2. Track their progress
  3. Help them organize their syllabus material

 Due to reasons like easy adaptability, efficient usage, and accessibility, Learning Management Systems are not only the most impactful learning tools but also aid in effective cost-management.

How Learning Management Systems help businesses with customer service training –

1. It helps your reps stay organized with their syllabus content

Training a customer service workforce means having to handle a huge quantity of learning material and this can sometimes lead to mismanagement. Having an LMS solves this problem in no time as it reduces the risk of misplacing eLearning content over various storage devices and allows businesses to organize all the eLearning content on a single platform. Another added advantage is the cloud storage factor which makes it easier for learners to access the content.

2. Helps your trainers track and assess agents’ progress 

Keeping an active check on agents while training them is extremely necessary! LMS makes it possible for trainers and educators to easily keep track of agents’ progress and help better analyze if their content is received in an effective manner. Tracking progress can also enable businesses to spot loopholes or difficulties that their agents are facing while trying to understand a certain concept.  It also keeps a tab on other activities like completion of a quiz or allotted reading.

3. Helps your agents learn better!

Reading huge books or watching lengthy training tutorials can be super stressful! LMS helps agents access the organized modules that are easy to understand which helps them save huge amounts of learning time. The remote learning experience also enables agents to learn according to their circumstances. It ensures flexibility and high levels of productivity. 

What Is a Knowledge Management System and How Does It Help Your Agents?

Think of it as a one-stop digital information-providing tool that will help you gain knowledge. 

KMS or a knowledge management system is a learning tool that helps businesses manage and organize data. From educational content to information related to services or products being offered, knowledge management systems can help businesses manage and store a wide range of data. KMS ensures the effective sharing of information within an organization. Knowledge management for customer service training helps businesses save time and aids in effective learning.

How Knowledge Management systems help businesses with customer service training –

1. Knowledge management helps agents help themselves!

KMS is accessible from anywhere unlike traditional data management services that are limited to physical spaces. Knowledge Management systems enable businesses to facilitate remote and flexible learning through which users can help themselves out by accessing it whenever they need it. In addition to this, KMS also helps businesses significantly cut down on training costs. 

2. Make learning more flexible for your agents

And by that, we don’t mean backbends or full splits. Just simple adjustments to support a convenient learning environment for customer support agents.

Due to factors like immediate and hassle-free access and lack of geographical barriers, Knowledge Management systems are able to facilitate flexibility for learners. Your customer service trainers or resource persons can upload syllabus modules that can be accessed at any time and completed at any time by your customer support agents. This ensures flexibility for learners which makes the learning process even more convenient.


Training customer service agents can be a hectic task, but thanks to technology like LMS and KMS that facilitate better learning.It is becoming easier and a fun learning experience for the learners themselves. 

In addition to learning tools, another thing to keep in mind is that customer service agents are only as good as their weapons Aka-  the customer relationship management systems they use. This means that it is not only necessary but also mandatory for businesses to invest in the right CRMs that cater to their needs as well as their customers’ needs.

And you know what to do about that!

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