A Step by Step Guide to Creating an Inbound Marketing Strategy


Use the Power of Free Leads to Power Up Your Business to Clock Some Mad Moolah

Inbound marketing revolves around pieces of content that pull your prospect into your lead net.

These are free leads. These are leads that found you in search of an answer to their problems. It could be through SEO, YouTube or social media, – they found you and now they are open to your influence.

This creates a value proposition in their mind that goes something like “OMG why is this person helping me so much – maybe I should buy from him”

When your content creates this feeling – you’ve won.

The Step-By-Step-Guide of Creating an Inbound Marketing Strategy

You need to start looking at yourself as a media company. You also need to understand that your prospects are looking for solutions constantly in places where you can reach them easily.

1. Create a Blog Strategy That Blows Away Your Audience

If you are just starting out with Blogging – there are two things you need to do:-

a) Understand that the only goal of your blog posts is to encourage the reader to get more valuable information that he is already getting in exchange for his email address
b) When a prospect reads your blog – he wants to first know whether you know what you are talking about (so fill up your blogs with content you are an authority in).


Here’s how you create a quick blog plan in six steps:-

a) Use the Google Keyword Planner to see what Keywords best describe the pain points of your prospect
b) Put those keywords in into a sheet and then use the titles “The Ultimate guide to” or “The Comprehensive Guide to” as your headlines formulas
c) Make the article the ultimate guide to said keyword
d) Plan to release two blog posts per week
e) Schedule your blog post writing in advance
f) Start writing

2. Create a Video Strategy that Acts as a lead magnet on YouTube

YouTube is the best place to get discovered by hot prospects.


You can make simple informal explainer videos coupled with long-form videos around the topics of your blog posts:-

a) You can use the lavalier microphone to record the audio
b) You can use Windows Movie Maker to Edit
c) Don’t wait for perfection – Look at quantity above quality ‘AT FIRST’

In your YouTube Video Descriptions, drop a link to a lead magnet around the topic of your video.

3. Create Lead Magnet with an offer so exciting your conversions skyrocket

Content is a key part of your marketing strategy. A lead magnet is something you offer your readers in exchange for their email addresses.


This lead magnet needs to have two very specific features for it to be appealing to the reader, appealing enough that he signs into your list.

a) The offer should be hyper-specific like – “How to lose 30 Kgs in the next 6 months with a healthy diet”
b) The lead magnet should be tailored to the content that your reader was on before he downloaded your lead magnet


An inbound strategy thrives on a long-term vision of your business. You need to be thinking about the relationship you build with your customer. It’s this relationship that turns into sales.

Focus on giving, the more you give the lesser buyer resistance you will find while asking for the sale because the customer knows that when he purchases from you there will be no buyers regret.

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