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Four Lead management Strategies for immediate sales growth

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Almost all businesses are striving and aching to achieve greater sales outcome. But rarely do the same businesses try to improve their lead management processes. This is surprising as successful sales outcomes are practically dependent on smart lead negotiations.

This indifferent approach may work on short-term as you will be pushing every prospect to the edge. But ultimately, it will stifle your sales as you fail to engage or build long term relationship with your prospects. Ultimately, it just becomes exceeding pressure on your sales team or websites dotted with misplaced ‘buy now’ buttons.

In this situation, a smart lead management strategy becomes even more important.

As Lead Management and Sales are intertwined and inseparable, improving one will automatically augment the other.

Having a concrete Lead management strategy lets you formulate the premises for higher conversion and better sales. It also lets you create a streamlined and intuitive lead funnel.

As you may be aware, having the right strategy needs continuous iteration and process improvement. For this, you should be able to evaluate and improve on your lead processing mechanism. In this article, we will discuss about four definite lead processing strategies that will potentially increase your sales.

  1. Segmenting your Received Leads

No matter your channel or lead acquisition strategy, your final conversion ratio will be normally pitching around 10%.

In this image by capterra, the average conversion, qualification and close rates have been captured concisely.

As per the image, qualification and close rates are co-related. In other words, by identifying your quality prospects you can shift your focus on converting them.

For this, you should be able to systematically shrink and narrow your prospect circle that takes you closer to the final 10%.

For nudging better conversions, you should be able to identify and focus on more qualified prospects.

This requires definite lead management procedures that identifies and segments your prospects qualitatively.

Kapture CRM lead qualification lets you evaluate and set the value of each lead. It’s achieved through a step-by-step process that drives towards conversion. You can enter into each client conversation with definite objectives.

This may seem like you are stretching out prospects instead of actually converting them. But these are actually scalable steps, which sets your prospect conversion to determinable process. It also recognizes your valuable prospects in a clearly determined process pipeline.

  1. Create and Manage Established Meeting Timeline

Experience and statistics have repeatedly proved that first-time customer acquisition is a phenomenon, not the actual recurring process.

It’s the long-term customer engagement that really gets your money bank ticking. It means that you should have a definite process to communicate and engage with your prospects.

Having an automated meeting time line ensures that you have a get-back point for every prospect. It also assures recurring communications to drive future conversion.

This helps you build long-term responsibility for managing each valuable prospect. It also enables you to comprehensively manage your complete employee rooster.

Personalized Lead Management

If you look at any successful business, you will probably notice it will have a well-recognized logo or persona as the customer facing the front of the organization. Although the benefit of having a uniquely recognizable persona is immense, you could be lacking the budget to personalize lead management in the first place.

A healthy alternative is through personalizing your relationships with prospect or leads. This involves first creating a detailed lead profile that incorporates diverse touch points. It helps you create long-term customer engagement that makes your business easily recognizable.


Nothing can be more incongruous that trying to increase sales without looking at your lead management. CRM software helps you align your lead management with your sales, enabling you to drive better sales performance.

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