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Unanimously, the most frequent points of business-client conflict are the billing process. While the businesses may argue that the price is just for the service provided, the client can raise concerns about the escalated prices beyond the quotation. The reality could vary according to each case; it’s clearly unsustainable for business to follow an unclear billing practice.

A sustainable business-client relationship should be based on mutual exchange of values. Although stated simply, the business failing to keep true to this idea could see their client relationships turn sour. With countless review platforms, a single bad review could get more eyeballs than numerous positive impacts.

A substantially strong client relationship is built on two factors.

  1. Giving a clear understanding of your Service to your clients
  2. Articulate the incurring expenses at each stage

With the Implementation of CRM billing software, you can avoid the billing issues and improve the client process.

Integrate the Payment Gateways

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The primary means of avoiding billing problems would be to make it easy for the customers to finish their payments.

The Kapture CRM can accept simultaneous payments from different payment pathways. It also integrates the different payments gateways into a single dashboard. Now you can directly view the progress of each client across the sales channel. It also eliminates any possibility for any miscommunication and potentially missing any acquired payments.

Sending Accurate Invoices

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According to a recent study, the clients receiving accurate, concise and one-time invoices are much less to raise issues or delay the payment. Some business quite often fails to quote accurate invoices, which are consistent with the quoted rates. And the account section cannot take a moment-off, with continuous juggling between various clients at a different stage of payments. The invoice management system enables you to accurately list the different service or product packages, along with the price for each listed item.

Equipped to Handle a Team or Package

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If you are handling a team, especially when you are engaging a team of freelancer, the CRM gives immediate perspective about payments and rates. The Kapture CRM allows you to move beyond the default in-efficient flat rate hiring, adapting better rate contracting system. Now you can contribute clients based on more capable rate contracting system, rewarding employee’s with respect to the completed progress or individual contributions. With CRM payment management software, handling a team across the country or world is only a part-time process.

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