How to Create a Seamless Billing Process through CRM Implementation

CRM Billing Software
After pitching and closing, comes the billing process. The successful companies have developed nuanced process of completing the billing process and consequently getting paid by the customer.

A CRM billing software can make great improvements to the way you initiate the customer payments process and the completion of your payments.

Let’s examine what makes a billing software so critical.

For most businesses, the billing process is a frequently raised source of friction within most business-client relationships.A good percentage of clients take this opportunity to claim that the cost is escalated beyond the agreed quotation. At the same time, the businesses typically argue that the price is justified for the services rendered,

The reality could vary according to each case; As businesses stand the risk of not getting paid, it’s clearly unsustainable for business to follow an unclear billing practice.

In this place, a sustainable business-client relationship should be based on mutual exchange of values. Although stated simply, the business failing to keep true to this idea could witness many of their client relationships turning sour. With countless review platforms, a single bad review could pull-in more eyeballs than other well-written positive reviews.

For this, let’s examine what goes into building strong and long-lasting customer relationships.

  1. Giving a clear understanding of your Service to your clients
  2. Articulate the incurring expenses at each stage

With the Implementation of CRM billing software, you can avoid frequent confusions at the billing issues and create an easier way to get paid by your happy customer.

Organize both a team or individual package for your teams

crm billing software

Any confusion concerning the price or cost of the product can become a frequent cause of friction between the businesses and clients.

For example, let’s say that you are employing a freelancer. In this situation, you should have clarity about following the payment schedule and completing the payments.

Kapture CRM gives you an immediate point-of-view concerning the different payment and rates.

By this system, kapture CRM automates tracking the entire work done by your different team members.

In this way, the CRM billing process unifies all your billing and payments. This allows you to create final bills that comprehensively cover all the expenses.

Additionally a CRM-based billing system, you can also incentive your valuable customers through creating flexible rate contract for high volume purchases or frequent purchases.

Offering flexible payment options

Let’s say that your product or service is comparatively costly. In this case, most of your customers won’t be able to afford it as a one-time transaction.

Instead, you may need to spread-out the entire product sales across a given time period.

A CRM-based payment system enables you to create and strictly adhere to a more client-friendly payment schedule.

Within Kapture CRM, you can create a time schedule for each customer to manage a detailed payment schedule.

This allows you to procure more customers and ensure that those customers complete the payments within a given time schedule.

They would want to finish the payments during multiple payment times.


Combine and Integrate different payment channels

crm billing software System

If you want to get paid more frequently, you might want to make it easier for the customer to make that payments. Even if the client owes you some money, it’s not a good idea to ask them to send that fund as bitcoins.

In this situation, the client may indeed decide to conserve his energy and wait for you to offer a more reasonable payment option.

This is a surely a disastrous recipe where your client may end-up trying to dodge a payment.

A CRM-based billing platform can provide a path-out of this challenge. This allows you to integrate different payment channels within a single platform. This allows you to accelerate the entire payment pipeline and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

start sending Accurate Invoices every time

Best billing software

According to a recent study, the clients receiving accurate, concise and one-time invoices are much less to raise issues or delay the payment.

Even in the light of this new insight, some business struggling to create accurate invoices that are appreciated by the customers. Instead they provide vague bills, where the customers aren’t quite clear about the quoted rates.With the account section continually juggling between different payments, it’s only natural that the businesses aren’t able to take a moment-off…

An invoice management system enables you to accurately list the different service or product packages, along with the price for each listed item.


All business owners and managers want to run a tight ship when it comes to their customer payments. But most customers aren’t usually equipped to manage the unique challenges when it comes to the payment issues. This usually leads a large write-off ay customer payments and irate business owners.

A CRM payment and billing system can empower your employees to manage the complete payment schedules.

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