How Ai and Smart Automations Can Add More Empathy to Customer Support

How Ai and Smart Automations Can Add More Empathy to Customer Support

The 21st century is the era of technology and digitalization has become an integral part of human life. We live in an automated world, from our doors to our cars everything has become automatic and easy to use. Automation has changed our way of living and has a huge impact on our lifestyles.

AI in customer service is ready to enhance every element of your organization, including customer experience, engagement, brand image, predictive help, and even revenue generation, by revolutionizing customer service interactions.

According to Chatbots Magazine, over two-thirds of users now expect to see or utilize chat applications when communicating with a business.

Not only are messaging applications a quick and simple method for customers to contact customer care, but chatbots make customer service support CRM software more efficient and valuable for businesses.

Use of AI by businesses

Role of AI in Customer Service 

The goal of AI-powered CRM systems is to eliminate or minimize the degree of human engagement in customer care. 

Automation has become an important part of customer service as it helps in providing an enhanced and more personalized experience to the customers.

Chatbots powered with Artificial Intelligence are substantially cutting customer wait times and resolving their problems more quickly, which is increasing customer loyalty. 

Chatbots using Natural Language Processing (NLP) skills are addressing client concerns more quickly, increasing customer satisfaction.

AI and machine learning algorithms are being used to automate daily operations and evaluate consumer data. This results in better anticipating client demands and faster delivery of services and solutions.

Benefits of AI in customer service  

AI in customer service has changed the way of customer service experience for the customers.

It has played a crucial role in improving AI in customer service experience as it solves queries in the quickest time possible.

According to research by Boomtown, Chatbots can handle up to 80% of ordinary customer care inquiries.

Chatbots powered by AI can answer 8 out of 10 typical consumer inquiries. As a result, human agents may be freed up to handle more difficult queries and duties, enhancing contact center productivity and lowering expenses.

AI can improve the way of customer service and certain benefits come with it, which are mentioned below.

1. Handles a large amount of data in one go

As the number of interactions with customers increases, so does the amount of data collected about them. 

Obtaining such massive volumes of data, however, would be pointless without AI. Humans cannot process an infinite quantity of info. 

AI in customer service can help your company obtain accurate information. It gathers and analyses data on a variety of criteria, including interests, demographics, behavioral segmentation, last engagement, and more.

When you have all of the client data at your disposal, you are more likely to forecast a solution that the customer would be interested in.

2. Scalability without an extra workforce

AI was created to assist people, employing it to deliver customer care would not only improve your service fluent and error-free, but it will also minimize the amount of labor required for this work.

Client service with artificial intelligence will force you to handle customer issues. Reach out and greet them, then engage them with information, propose goods based on their interests, solicit comments, and so on.

3. Improved productivity and efficiency

As humans, we are capable of making mistakes. However, this is not the case with AI. It outperforms in terms of dependability and mistakes. Every discussion is collected and analyzed by AI Chatbots. 

The saved information enables it to assist consumers most pleasantly and exactly possible. Their cognitive talents enable them to provide an enjoyable consumer experience.

When all of this happens without human involvement, you and your staff have a lot more time. You may make better use of this time by focusing on becoming more productive in your business.

4. Personalized experience= Happy experience

One of the most significant advantages of using Conversational AI for your bot is personalization, understanding your consumer, giving them a specific profile, and being able to offer them a product or service based on their interests will set you apart from the competitor.

Integrating AI enables you to deliver the proper answer for each user in a sympathetic manner, as well as provide suggestions based on their preferences.

Remember that the more tailored your service is, the more likely you are to convert leads into sales.

5. AI in customer service available 24/7 for your customers

As a human, it is impossible to work 24/7 to provide services to customers across different time zones. 

Chatbots powered by AI are quite useful. They have sophisticated talks 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Chatbots may respond to consumers without regard to time constraints.

There is no provision for vacation, illness, or irritation with Chatbots. A human agent may become frustrated or give up on resolving an issue now and again, but technology does not. A company may rely on trained Chatbots to service consumers regardless of time or other constraints.

6. Handling multiple channels at the same time

As your business grows, your visibility increases across different channels and platforms, and customers tend to contact you via different mediums.

By using Conversational AI to automate customer support across all channels, you can provide personalized and comprehensive service for each engagement while remaining loyal to your company’s voice and tone.

7. Quicker and faster response

This is one of the most striking advantages of AI in customer service. Customers used to complain about how long they had to wait for service and support, thus this is why it is so important.

AI benefits reported by service professionals worldwide in 2018

Chatbots now respond to simple inquiries and requests very instantly. Customers are also sent reminders and warnings ahead of time. 

They can acquire their things within 24 hours or less and readily trace them using delivery methods and programs. Some intangibles and services are supplied online, and clients can experience them virtually instantly.

These are some of the outstanding benefits which you get by implementing AI in customer service into your business.

Implement smart automation in CS without spending a ton of money

AI-powered customer services also aim to reduce and minimize the cost incurred by the businesses for customer support.

Implementing a smart automation system without spending a huge amount of money should be the priority of businesses.

There are ways and steps which can help you in implementing smart automation without spending tons of money on your business.

1. A demo always gives you clarity

It is better to try and automate rather than purchase and regret later. Always prefer a CRM system that provides you a demo of their product and the kind of automation they are giving to empower your customer support.

A demo helps you gain a sense of clarity about AI automation and the service which it will provide to your customers.

You are spending a part of your budget to improve the customer service in AI experience of your customers, so you expect it to be the best one. 

2. Know your needs

Before implementing an AI-powered CRM system you need to be clear about your expectations from the automated bot.

You need to make a list of the targets which you want the AI-powered chatbot to fulfill. The goals may be the following-

  • Reducing customer response time
  • Providing personalized AI in customer service
  • Getting analytical data from AI
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Increasing productivity of the employees

And the list can go on and on according to your needs and expectations from the AI-powered customer service.

These are two main points which you should keep in mind while opting for an automated CRM system for your company.

Customer satisfaction with AI interaction in different sectors

Examples of companies using AI in customer service need 

There are so many companies that are using AI-powered chatbots in order to give a sophisticated customer service experience to their customers. 

Here are some examples of companies that are using AI in customer service in order to be the best in the business.

1. Macys

Macy’s is experimenting with cognitive AI technology to assist shoppers in their stores. 

They have a smartphone-based assistant called ‘Macy’s On Call,’ which can answer queries with appropriate personalized solutions ranging from where items or brands are located to what services and amenities are available in a particular shop.

Customers may ask queries in natural language about where certain items, departments, and brands are located, as well as what services and facilities are available at a given shop.

In exchange, consumers receive personalized, relevant replies.

The project is predicated on the premise that while shopping in physical stores, people are more likely to turn to their cellphones for assistance than they are to store staff.

2. Marriott international hotel

ChatBotlr, a chatbot available through Facebook Messenger and Slack, allows Marriott Rewards members to explore and book trips to over 4,700 hotels.

Customers may even plan future vacations using ideas from Marriott’s digital magazine Marriott Traveler, all while conversing with the Customer Engagement Center.


Machines, particularly AI, outperform humans in terms of efficiency.   In reality, it will provide us with additional options to conduct or manage things in a better and more appropriate manner.

Everyone wants to do more with fewer resources, and we’re building artificial intelligence to help them do it. To gratify your customers, you should also integrate Artificial Intelligence. The more satisfied your customer is, the more likely they are to engage in business with you.


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