Ideas to Improve Customer Experience

5 Innovative Ideas to Improve Customer Experience

Customers today, are gauging their interaction with the brand of choice. They are delving deeper to fetch the required solution. Also since any two brands can be quite identical in selling the same product, what is differentiating them is their customer support regime. 

The lens of ‘experience’ that the brands evoke is helping value proposition build up in a robust manner. In fact the CX itself is gradually becoming a mega value proposition for so many businesses i.e. businesses are now known to the audience not because of their core offerings but the personalized and enhanced Customer Experience that they bestow on their customers.

Customer Experience therefore, is a top priority for businesses today. Products are great and we believe the support mechanisms should be greater. 

Large industries have upped their CX Ante

Times they are a changin’, is a song that sure seems to be on every industry’s agenda pan the pandemic. But what never changes, ever, is the fact that the customer is always king and that remains the unmoving constant, with or without the coronavirus. Nearly every business is trying to step up their role to enhance customer experience. 

CX in the Healthcare Sector is now Profound

The Healthcare Industry has taken a front seat in today’s environment. With universal health being prioritised across regions, providing a good CX in the requisite landscape is gradually popularising. Medical institutions are prioritising to improve Customer Service and on ideas to improve customer experience all the time.

Such CX centred activities have significantly increased Patient Satisfaction and their Loyalty towards the brand (medical institution). 

Every activity aims to associate ample care in addition to good customer experience with the patient. Further, with the persistent rise in the demand for healthcare, managing customer experience

is an absolute.

CX in the Travel Sector is also Picking up Pace

The travel sector is also enhancing their customer experience strategies.

With frequent alarms, lockdowns and restrictions, effectively managing customer experience is the need of the hour.

Their measures to improve customer experience in this landscape, generated by the travel industry, is seen to be comforting the travelers and increasing their retention with the brand.

CX in the Real Estate Sector is Gradually Becoming Important

Realtors are seen taking customer experience enhancement seriously, owing to the virtual way of living today. It is tough to execute a majority of their work with the human touch missing. 

Therefore, realtors are quite determined to facilitate every buyer need in the most beautiful way possible by implementing customer experience strategies that meet all the checkpoints – touring houses, looking for homes on websites, comparing features and prices and so forth.

5 Innovative Ideas to Improve Customer Experience

So all of that brings us back to HOW?

How to build your customers’ holistic perception in regard to your business/brand in today’s world. 

How to improve customer experience from every business’ standpoint, regardless of industry or sector. 

These following ideas to improve customer experience will find you the solution you’re looking for:

1. Keep the Agents Empowered

We believe, agents deserve to smile more while executing their tasks. Understanding their difficulties and equipping them with the right software can help build ‘agent empowerment.’ 

More empowerment leads to more ticket resolutions and the best CX score that your business strives to attain.  

Fix their frustration by giving them the power to make logical decisions, though with a touch of human. Working in synergy and building a symbiotic relationship indeed brings positivity to the business. Customers are so moved just interacting with the brand that they want to keep coming back.

Get the ball rolling and get closer to your customers!

2. One (Unified) Platform. One Dream.

A unified yet personalized dashboard makes the agent feel princely. Let him/her be the king/queen of ticket resolution by presenting details from every nook and cranny, on one platform. 

A 360° approach to Customer Information brings everything under control as well as under a standard ambit. Customers today, shop, exchange, raise tickets from multiple platforms. For instance, Customer A might purchase from the website but would request for a refund through the smartphone. Here, we see two different platforms pertaining to the same brand.

An intelligent CRM Software would present the associated details of the requisite purchase – from the brand’s website and its mobile app, on one platform for the agent’s perusal. He can now resolve the issue better by understanding the purchase history, thereby providing a deluxe CX to the customer.

3. A Streamlined Order Management System 

Streamlined procedures make life so much easier, isn’t it? Kapture’s machine learning enabled platform helps you keep a close and accurate check on your product inventory. So, you are always updated to serve customers better.

Our Product Management Application helps you create a Product Management Strategy, so you never have to face information deficiency – collect, store and access all your product related data on one unified dashboard. Moreso, changes in the product catalog are immediately and smartly synced, thereby maintaining uniformity.

Our Order Management System allows you to stay hyper aware of the many opportunities that could be possibly harnessed, to understand more and sell more.

4. Engagement with the Customer at every possible Touchpoint

Communication at any point of the customer journey is key to managing customer experience – pre purchase, purchase, post purchase through Social Media Platforms, Email, Text Message, Phone Call and others has become a requisite to drastically increasing the CX Score.

Technology today is providing us with so many amusing avenues to constantly stay in touch and engage better with the customer base. Therefore, making customers aware of your presence goes a long way in customer retention and an increased customer loyalty.

5. Incorporate Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in all CS processes

Prediction of (customer) behavioral patterns lies at the heart of enhancing customer experience, which further helps in generating a good CX. The right availability of data at the right time and for the right purpose eases customer experience and customer service in the most delightful ways.

Processes and businesses that rely on ML, AI are making everyday count. They serve better and are seen resolving queries in the first customer conversation itself i.e. new age technology gives rise to an improved FCR regime owing to which your FCR rates tend to surge and you stand distinguished from the competition.

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Innovative technology coupled with the changing times has brought about a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour. Yet what consumers want at the end of the day remains the same. It is to experience an improved and enhanced customer service on all levels.

It is only experiences that ensure brand loyalty. As long as customer support is delivering ease, comfort and real time resolutions to their problems with empathy, you will meet your customers where they are.

Add to that, a strategy to bring your business to your customers’ homes, you’ve hit the ball out of the park!

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