A good “Customer relationship” is sacrosanct for any “business”

It’s needless to say the current global business environment is ultra competitive, and all the players, big or small are suffering from lead encroachment and sale saturation. Well, it does not end there. Any serious business processes ingenuity in its own way, but what is the exclusivity in all this?

Customer relationship management could very well be one of the most searched terms on google search engine. But do the people searching for an apt CRM provider get the desired result? The answer to it is not in affirmative. A Customer relationship management software is that potent element of any business process, which wields the power to kick-start a revolution in terms of resource planning, operations, sales out-put and finally, the overall business growth.

APIs: A shot in the arm for CRM applications

As business management becomes more complex, incorporating additional software solutions or migrating to a new, modern software ecosystem is a significant determinant of a company’s success and profitability. While various CRM providers aim to simplify and streamline different business processes, utilizing all of them separately may lead to exactly the opposite. Understanding this, most forward-looking companies are exploring the ways to integrate the major applications in use, and synchronize the data between them to ensure consistency across the organization. Establishing such a connection would help to facilitate information access and provide the users with a unified way to view and interact with data coming in from multiple applications and platforms.

A multi-pronged approach – Manage all customer interactions at one place

Your customers are trying to reach you in multiple ways. Your entire customer support workforce is busy dealing with hundreds of enquiries, complaints, follow-ups, taking orders etc. Imagine them working on multiple platforms in order to connect with prospects or individual customers. Even a mere thought of a process such as this could blow away your profits by a mile or more. The world has moved on to APIs and so have all the progressive businesses. The Kapture CRM dashboard gives an overall view of all the customer interactions happening on multiple channels. Be it social media, cloud telephony, emails or SMS. All the raised tickets or escalations can be easily viewed, assigned and managed with our partner integrations and rich API ecosystem available for integration.

Scaling the Mount Cleverest!

When it boils down to fast moving customer service (no pun intended), the more you sell or prospect, the more your customer service teams gets bombarded with the barrage of enquiries and complaints, of-course. Let’s get this straight and precise, a great CRM is not a technology overdose. It’s an exclusive ecosystem that takes your business a notch above the rest in your business vertical. With watertight API integrations and an implementation process customizable to all your business needs, Kapture CRM is a flexible and effective platform for your business.

At the end of the day, It’s simply clever to get your customer service team a shot in the arm.


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