X Ways of Enhancing Employee Experience

13 Best Ways Of Enhancing Employee Experience

Going customer-centric is the need of the hour and employees remain one of the torchbearers for this pursuit. Therefore, on business lines, it is ideal that you go employee-centric concurrently. 

When employees and customers steer your business, it is essential to keep them satisfied and happy.


Enlisted Are Ways To Enhance Employee Experience:


1. Provide An Enriching Workspace

Chartered psychologist Dr. Craig Knight from the University of Exeter in the UK says,

“Employees who have control over the design and organization of their personal workspace are happier, healthier and up to 32% more productive.” 

His research covered more than 2000 employees to arrive at the result that employees in enriched workspaces are happier, healthier, and more productive compared to their counterparts in scanty and depersonalized workspaces.

Allow employees to tweak up their personal workspace with plants, photo frames, or artwork to boost their mental state. In this way, employees feel more comfortable and positive about their job and turn out to be more productive.

As a tip, focus on the following elements of the workspace,

  1. Air quality
  2. Ambient lighting
  3. User-friendly furniture and space design
  4. Improved aesthetics. (By all means, pay heed to the green quotient!)


2. Improvise The Onboarding

As the saying goes, well begun is half done, onboarding is the most ideal time to give the employees the best start. Make the first day of employees a fulfilling one rather than leaving them vague and blank. So how do we do it?

Begin the bonding way ahead of their date of joining. Set stage for the perfect welcome, meet-the-manager, and get-to-know peers, besides an introduction to company culture, policies, and campus tours.

Incorporate best digital onboarding solutions to ease the HR enrollment or other related processes.

Further, to make it a red-letter day for them, gift goodies and office essentials.


3. Give Importance To Workforce Diversity And Inclusion

 In a study by Boston Consulting Group

“Companies with diverse management teams had a 19 percent increase in revenue compared to their less diverse counterparts.”

Employees feel a sense of belonging in a diverse and inclusive workplace. Employees turn out to be more productive in a place where they are recognized and accepted for who they are. 

They get expressive, generate ideas, and become out-of-the-box thinkers in an unbiased environment. Additional benefits are better engagement, deeper trust, team morale, and retention.


4. Focus On Employee Well-Being

A healthy body and mind foster healthy thinking thereby allowing employees to bring more efficiency into work. Employee well-being means not just on a physical level but on emotional and social levels too. 

Social well-being is a condition when employees are able to develop and bond in meaningful relationships.  Emotional well-being is a state when employees are able to handle work pressure and testing times in personal and professional life. 

Launch employee well-being programs that cover the well-being at all the 3 levels.

  • Nurture the right environment for social wellbeing by organizing team activities and cultural events. 
  • Organize trips, yoga, spiritual workshops, getaways, and meal outings for emotional wellbeing.
  • Allow compulsory timed work breaks for gyming, campus strolls, or physical games. 
  • Never miss out on conducting annual or periodic health checkups. Do allow leaves with compensation when under severe medical conditions. 


5. Scale-Up Career Planning And Development With Periodic Goal Setting

When your employees end up serving your organization, the best payback is a defined career path and growth opportunity. Let employees realize that they are in for a purpose that takes their career to the next level. 

A study revealed that75% of workers think lack of career progression as the most likely reason for leaving their job.”

Career shifts within the organization can boost employee experience and thus the retention rate. Managers can get the ball rolling to secure the employee’s career path to the finest opportunities.

In addition, provide opportunities for continuing education, skill upgrades, and certifications. Involve a Learning Management Software solution for this.

To name some, a Learning Management System enables you to

  • Create training schedules and custom training programs
  • Have training module in multiple formats
  • Assess progress of employees
  • Fetch custom reports of performance 

X Ways of Enhancing Employee Experience

Source: Kapture

Learning Management Systems can adapt to training requirements for the onboarding process too.


6. Ease The Information Access Using Technology

Employees better spend their time working on their tasks rather than spending half a day finding the needful information. 

A digital workspace solution promotes collaborative work through a unified platform. A robust Knowledge Management System like Kapture’s works best here. This system makes it possible to reply to customers, route queries to experts, and retrieve work-related information from a single system. When information is handy, there is better job satisfaction and positive employee experience.


7. Accentuate The Employee Engagement Programs

Managers can bring employee engagement into effect through meaningful conversations with employees.

Also, set the employees up with a mission and vision in congruence with the company values. Let employees specifically know how their job fulfills the company’s vision.

Keep their motivation levels high with appreciation. For good measure, have more fun activities, games, team huddles, and post-lunch conversations.


8. Diversify Rewards And Recognition Programs

Make the appreciation process versatile by including diverse kinds of rewards.

Award the champions as well as the budding ones. Award for punctuality, best work ethics, and collaboration can make a big bunch of employees happy. 

Apart from monetary rewards and promotions, here are a few other ways of rewarding employees,

  • Give time-off
  • Financial assistance for higher education
  • Spot awards
  • Gift vouchers
  • Verbal praise in meetings and special occasions


9. Place More Emphasis On Surveys And Prompt Actions On Survey Results

The most favored and recommended survey to collect employee feedback is certainly NPS or Net Promoter Score. The survey results help in gauging employee loyalty and thus employee experience. 

The other surveys to consider are,

  • Employee Engagement surveys
  • Employee Satisfaction surveys
  • Employee exit surveys

Aside from the quantitative measure of employee experience given by surveys and polls, get to know the qualitative side as well. Qualitative measure happens through one-to-one interviews.

When surveys and polls are all done it is time to act. Timely corrective measures are indicative of how much you value the employees’ opinions.


10. Map Employee Journey

It is a way to measure employee experience at every juncture of their employment with your organization.

The employee journey map or the employee life cycle shows the journey from hiring time to offboarding. It is similar to the customer journey mapping process.

X Ways of Enhancing Employee Experience

Source: Netsuite

The improvement areas can be identified by analyzing the map. Go for software solutions that help take up the journey mapping.


11. Foster Active Communication

Open communication within the organization can bring in a sense of belonging and tie them more with the purpose of staying in the organization.

Let them cry out loud, voice their emotions, feedback or ideas. When employees communicate better they are more engaged and more productive. Encourage more one-on-one talks to make them heard.

According to a report, employees who work in organizations with effective communication plans are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers.


12. Procure Best-In-Class Work Tools

The best tools for resource planning or customer relationship management help employees work to perfection and provide a smoother experience. For instance, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software have built-in tools for 

  • Emails, text messages, invoices, language translation
  • Social media access
  • Internal ticketing, data management, asset management
  • Reporting and Analytics

Employees no longer have to make decisions based on instincts. CRM software provides business intelligence through reporting and analytical tools to leverage data for driving strategies and decision-making.

X Ways of Enhancing Employee Experience

Source: Kapture

Through internal ticketing systems employees can raise tickets to IT, HR, and Finance departments for queries and access requests.

X Ways of Enhancing Employee Experience

Source: Kapture


13. Incorporate Trendy Work Cultures 

With a whole lot of the workforce being millennials, who deems work-atmosphere, satisfaction, passion, and office-time above paychecks, it is tactical to adopt and practice favorable work cultures.

When the culture embodies values that define your organization, let it be trendy enough to embrace employee perspectives. Read about some tips on how-to.

  • A flexible work schedule is the most sought-after one. As it provides a work-life balance, employee satisfaction, and retention increase dramatically.

80% of employees would prefer flexible work options if there were no adverse consequences.”

It should include remote and hybrid work settings where employees can work from home and the office on particular days.

  • Introduce unique perks like free transportation, late-night meals, and days-offs for long hours of stay.
  • Promote collaboration at all levels within the organization and be open to new ideas and innovations.
  • Promote accountability, transparent communication, and recognition.
  • Uphold equality, diversity and inclusion, and ethical values.


Employee Experience Best Practices

Read about best practices to create an exceptional employee experience.

  • Place employee experience as one of the central themes in business strategy.
  • Document the best practices and policies so that everyone in the organization can get acquainted with them.
  • During surveys, ask specific questions related to diversity and inclusion, so that you know you are what you preach. Through these questions, you come to the pulse of the mass. Act upon the feedback to show that their opinion matters.
  • Collect employee feedback regularly so that we are never left behind in making things better for employees.
  • Work upon the feedback obtained through exit interviews to focus on further enhancing the employee experience.
  • Set manager’s role and expectations on employee engagement. 

According to the best-selling author, Jacob Morgan, who focuses on  Leadership, The Future Of Work, And Employee Experience, employee experience is influenced by three realms, Physical Space, Tools and Technology, and Organizational Culture.

Keep employees informed and excited at work by providing adept digital solutions that streamline their tasks and improve employee experience like never before. If you want to learn more try a free demo of Kapture.


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