Cruise Management System is Essential for Travel Agencies

5 Reasons Why a Cruise Management System is Essential for Travel Agencies

In any sales proposition – the salesperson has 4 seconds to make a positive impact. In other words, he has 4 seconds to get the prospect’s attention.

The same goes for prospects looking for cruise packages.

Only if this prospect feels that your cruise is a great deal and looks like a lot of fun – will he register a lead or even make a purchase?

Now, you can go about spending thousands of dollars in making a good website – driving traffic and working on new promotions. But the simple fact remains that if your sales journey has not been built with a conversion-focused view – it’s going to show in your sales.

Travel agents and cruise agencies can use this one CRM to sell more by;

Integrating Cruise Management CRM to Your Website


The best time to contact a lead is as soon as an inquiry is generated. Your sales team must be alert and ready to nurture this new lead. Time is of the essence here and the cruise booking software automates this process by auto allocating the lead as soon as it is generated to the next available salesperson.

Use One Dashboard to Manage Bookings from Multiple Channels

Get access to leads flowing from different booking channels into a single dashboard. Also access inventory levels, fare codes, taxes and a list of your channel partners in the Dashboard.

Gives you Access to the Predefined Templates for Instant Replies

With customized email templates – you can nurture your leads, run promotions, and do so much more. You can also send out emailers and see the results of the campaign on the central dashboard itself.

Predict Sales and Optimize Prospecting

Cruise Booking Software has a Sales forecasting tool that gives you projections on your goals based on your current marketing and lead generation efforts. This can help you optimize the prospecting process by recognizing similar features in regular buyers


Multiple OTA Configuration

You should also be able to integrate multiple Online Travel Agent partners into the CRM. This helps you get a source wise analysis of your highest grossing OTA’s. You can also plan branch-wise multiple/single offers.


While selling the dream of a beautiful cruise you need to guide your prospect down a straight line.

From the time, he finds you to the time you close him – he travels down to the one straight line. At the start of the line – he says “Hi” and at the end of the line he says “Take my money”.

A cruise CRM can pave this straight line with effective sales automation so you can create a cruise selling system that can be scaled according to your sales goals.

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