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Oops! We did it again…

Kapture felicitated as one of India’s Growth Champions by The Economic Times.

Kapture as an accelerator of the Indian economy? Woah, that is quite empowering. Well, the saga goes – right from understanding and eliminating business challenges to adapting to tectonic shifts in work environment, we’ve had it all! 

Tapping novel opportunities to set competitive benchmarks – yes, that’s something we revel in and strive to be at par. 

A young and astute India aspires to achieve transformative growth that helps the country re-establish itself as one of the world’s most important developing economies. Kapture, as an India-based company, is known for its customer centric approach. We believe that a successful business pursuit begins and ends with the customer and that, keeping them at the heart of everything creates magic in unimaginable ways.

For a brand that makes Customer Support delightful, this acknowledgement is indeed adding to the overall health of our company, encouraging us to do more and stay determined in every pursuit of life. 

Help desk or Customer Support is fairly uniform in nature i.e. brands offering this software or solution primarily aim at ticket/query resolution. And while this seems consistent, the industry  requirements are incredibly different across businesses, making it a differentiated offering.

Our phenomenal growth trajectory can be based on, getting to the crux of business needs and serving abilities, being at the beck and call of clients and nonetheless overcoming challenges together.

Lastly, kudos to the KapWorkforce for being a cheerful and resilient one. We are a people-centric organization where our collective efforts enable us to find myriad purposes and success in what we do each day at work. Over the last so many years, our teams have continued to stand their ground in assisting clients in their moment of truth, and that’s what makes this achievement even more remarkable.

Here’s to resolving business needs and going after opportunities unabashed.

Here’s to us!


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Saltanat Khan
Saltanat Khan
Saltanat is a PADI Certified Scuba Diver and an aspiring underwater photographer. Our Senior Content Creator at Kapture, Salt’s punning skills are flawless and highly appreciated.


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