How NU Hospitals – The Pioneers of Nepho-Uro & Fertility Increased the Conversion Rate 5X


NU is a Quaternary Care referral hospital for Nephrology, Urology, Renal (Kidney) Transplant & Fertility Center in Bangalore (Rajajinagar & Padmanabhanagar), Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and the Maldives.

Founded in 1999, NU Hospitals is the first hospital in India to be recognized by both NABL & NABH. NU Hospitals has won several awards and appeared various times on the news. NU today houses 50+ employees and internationally recognized doctors.

Being physically present in multiple locations, NU Hospitals still struggled with its online presence. Due to this, the brand’s visibility was getting hampered. This also resulted in a low reach and narrowed audience, all adding to lesser leads and low conversion rate. Kapture’s solution was implemented in 2016 by keeping primary and secondary objectives in mind.

After implementing Kapture, NU Hospitals saw significant improvement as it was able to reach a wide range of audience. The objective of implementing multiple strategies to establish the brand’s presence and spread awareness. Apart from socials, solutions like Google Search Ads and Display Ads were implemented to generate leads and widen the reach.

Campaigns Creation

Multiple campaigns for Nephrology, Urology, Fertility, and Sub-specialties were created and restructured in every 15 days along with custom & relevant landing pages to maintain hygiene and ensure quality lead generation.

Website Solution

To improve and enhance the user experience multiple changes were made on the website including multilingual support, responsiveness, speed optimization, etc. The objective apart from enhancing the user experience was to increase website traffic. After integrating multiple solutions, the traffic significantly improved and received 15K+ website traffic on a monthly basis. This resulted in 250+ leads every month which fulfilled the primary objective.

Email Marketing

In addition, to spread awareness, email marketing was also implemented to introduce more services and updates to the people who showed interest in the brand and were seeking treatments. This also helped in traffic improvement and increased conversion rates.

CRM Implementation

As the conversion was increased drastically, it was quintessential to keep the track of sources the conversion and traffic were coming from. Kapture’s CRM solution helped in segregating the source of the lead wise to give a clear picture and helped in source wise lead management.

Sales Management

One of the most used features, sales management enabled NU’s sales management team to keep track of the sales team. As most of the salespeople meet doctors and technicians on a regular basis, keeping the track of the meetings was a cumbersome task. Kapture’s sales management enabled the admin to view each & every sales activity along with doctors’ meets and visits.

It also helped the team to easily mark their attendance via Kapture’s Mobile App while visiting technicians, doctors, etc.

Ticket Management

Ticket management also helped in ensuring that no escalations were left unresolved. Based on the query/issue from clients, patients, etc. tickets were raised with a unique number and were segregated according to their priority level. This helped the team focus on issues/queries priority wise which resulted in faster ticket resolution.

Post-Implementation Benefits

  • 250+ leads every month
  • Increased overall conversion rate
  • Improved website traffic with 15K+ web traffic every month

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