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How to Craft marketing messages that your prospects would Love?

Kapture Craft Marketing

A modern day business carries the capability to reach a bigger audience than ever before. On the down-side, the same audience is ever more skeptic about what you are attempting to sell them.

In this circumstance, direct sales approach has inherent limitations in reaching and convincing your prospects. While direct person-to-person sales communications are critical, it certainly isn’t the best way to initially approach customers. Today’s mass marketing strategies advocate turn-key events like never before. 

The online and offline media advocates strong mass marketing strategies to reach and appeal the target audience. The ability to reach a mass audience with carefully crafted messages allow you to instantly build customer rapport and create buyer’s interest. There are multiple channels for creating strong marketing reach and this requires a strong message in the center of your marketing strategy.

Make it Simple and Digestible

For every industry, I have seen organizations making themselves indecipherable with trying to push convoluted messages. While it may be an accurate idea of their business ideology, it simply fails to make sense to the customer. When concerning a new prospect, this message could easily pass over their head.

On the other side, businesses try to make tagline from simple feel-good sensations. This also creates an opposite impact on its intended effect. Even as your prospect comes across the message, it could then be immediately relegated to his subconscious memory.

Meanwhile, a simple and direct message gives you immediate attention. 

Absolve the abstract for your own good

We have seen global conglomerates like Apple and Nike creating short quips that doesn’t mean anything by itself. While ‘Just Do It’ reckons the memory of a morning workout, this has been achieved through years of marketing campaigns. If you are not able to build long-term campaigns such as these, you could best benefit by keeping it simple and straight forward.

Explain how it improves Prospects’ Life

This is easily the most frequent form of the marketing message. It gives a description about improving your prospects’ life. Instead of explaining or focusing on a key feature, make it interesting enough to make it rotate around your prospects’ life. It also needs to center around life characteristics.

Check for First-Glance Memorability

Whatever you say, it needs to be memorable after the first glance. If you can’t achieve this, you may be beginning anew with each customer every time.

For this, you need to ensure that your entire message is memorable as a single string. For this, you can check with a sample audience size and ask them to memorize a tagline. Later you ask them to recall the message. If the ratio of memorability to passiveness doesn’t come out in your favor, it’s best to dispense with the particular message.

With multimedia platforms allowing you to simultaneously approach and pitch to a large audience, having your right marketing message is important. Learn what else can you do to improve your business.

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