X ways to Increase Your Field Technician Productivity

7 ways to Increase Your Field Technician Productivity

Fieldwork requires a lot of coordination with the contact center and the customers. Managing field technicians manually can be a challenging task. Scheduling meetings, managing inventory, on-field expenses, and warranty can be difficult to manage for you without a proper system.

Field force management software like Kapture eases your task of managing the field technician’s utilization and increases field staff productivity. Kapture helps you assign the tasks to the most suitable field technician and also helps them manage inventory on their mobile phone.

X ways to Increase Your Field Technician Productivity

Advantage of using Field Service Management Software


7 ways to Improve Your Field Technician Productivity

By monitoring and tracking technician productivity, a company may understand how well it is utilizing its labor force and whether any changes to business procedures have the intended influence on performance.

Investing in cutting-edge technology, automating, and establishing processes to ensure your business runs like a well-oiled machine is critical, but don’t overlook the human factor.

Here are the 7 ways by which you can increase your field staff productivity.

The combination of mobility and artificial intelligence (AI) improve field service agent productivity by 30% to 40%- ReachOut Source


1. Automate process

Replacing all the manual processes with automation can help your field agents eliminate a lot of errors, save their time and increase productivity. 

Delays, inaccuracies, and duplication are caused by paper-intensive operations and manual data entry, which are largely the consequence of overworked technicians.

Companies that manage field service operations may now provide their employees with digital tools that improve productivity and convenience. Artificial intelligence, real-time monitoring, and mobility across all communication devices are all part of this.

You can sync processes and establish more successful plans based on real-time data with integrated cloud-based software and remote tools. In this post, we’ll show you how to use dependable mobile field solutions to boost technician efficiency and customer satisfaction.


2. Encourage communication

Communication is crucial in handyman shops, so make sure your technicians understand they can come to you with anything from a problem to an idea.

 It will help you and your techs create a connection, but having an open-door policy isn’t enough. You must also set a good example by communicating clearly and consistently. 

Some heavy-duty business owners and managers prefer texting and emailing because it puts everything in paper and eliminates misunderstandings.

 A mix of face-to-face and technological communication is an excellent method to remain in contact with employees, solicit feedback, and boost productivity.


3. Cloud-based dispatching and scheduling software

Without integrated field management software, you risk duplicate bookings, missed appointments, and delayed on-site visits, all of which have a negative influence on the client experience. Your technicians require fast access and data synchronization to ensure smooth scheduling and dispatching.

Technicians can work at a quicker speed while maintaining accuracy and quality thanks to dispatch and scheduling management capabilities. Cloud connectivity enables you to manage reservations as they arrive, allocate them to the appropriate experts, and follow the progress of each project from start to completion.

Technicians receive real-time updates, ensuring that they are doing the appropriate duties in the most effective manner. 


4. Map routing and real-time tracking

You have no means of monitoring technicians and how much time they spend on the road without device tracking technology. Customers may face longer wait times, increased discontent, and increased petrol and car maintenance costs as a result.

By establishing more efficient routes, field service businesses can keep up with time-sensitive operations while also cutting expenses. Using route mapping and planning, professionals may conduct on-site inspections in a timely way, enhancing efficiency and the customer experience while lowering travel-related expenses.

Technicians will be able to avoid traffic and identify speedier alternate routes. Route planning helps them to effectively move from one customer to the next if they are servicing numerous clients in the same location.

Furthermore, device tracking records your technicians’ every step — back-office personnel receive real-time updates, allowing them to allocate jobs and arrange visits more effectively.

Kapture’s geo-fencing feature ensures that every technician can only mark the check-in time when they are near the client’s location. 


5. Digital inventory management system

Technicians who do on-site visits and inspections require constant access to customer and corporate information.

Working remotely without mobile features becomes hectic and unorganized – technicians must wait for assistance if they experience technical difficulties or need more components for a customer. This implies additional delays and irritated technicians.

You enable your personnel to tackle complex problems from their mobile devices or tablets by digitizing inventory management and support systems. An integrated mobile network provides workers with fast access to inventory, local technicians, and support papers, allowing your team to cooperate and solve problems more effectively.


6. Reporting and analytics to monitor performance

When you have to manually examine customer data, inventory, and technician productivity, it takes longer to get a thorough view of your daily operations. Managers are unable to offer correct feedback or make data-driven choices when reporting is delayed.

At a glance, automated analytics can help you determine how efficient your processes are. If you realize that technicians are overburdened, you may swiftly delegate tasks to employees who have lesser workloads.

With real-time data synchronization, you can always be certain that you’re working with the most up-to-date information and making the right decisions.

Making forecasts is also more straightforward and precise when all of your information is available in a single dashboard. This offers you a clearer understanding of which areas require the most work, making it easier to develop solutions and improve consumer experiences.


7. The right tool to save time and increase efficiency

Increasing your field technician utilization is important for the growth of your business. Investing in cloud-based, end-to-end technology can boost your technicians’ efficiency while also allowing you to track their progress.

With Kapture, your field service workers will have all of the tools they need to do their duties correctly and in accordance with your company’s requirements.

Our platform makes it easier to handle scheduling, device monitoring, expense management, reporting, and inventory. Work can even be automated, freeing up important corporate resources for other tasks.

Give your employees the digital tools they need to boost efficiency, capacity, and profitability. Contact us immediately to obtain a demo of our product.

Kapture comes with productivity enhancement tools like warranty management, an optical scanner to scan important documents, an attendance marker on mobile, task details

X ways to Increase Your Field Technician Productivity

Increasing Field Service Management Software Market – Source


Some of the must-know Field Service Management facts

  • 48% of organizations are using FSM software. (Fieldpoint, 2020)
  • As of 2020, 72% of US fleets use GPS fleet tracking technology, an 8% increase from 2019. 
  • 96% of companies that use GPS fleet tracking software find it beneficial. (Verizon Connect, 2021)
  • 89% of customers want to see modern, on-demand technology applied to their technician scheduling
  • About 75% of field service businesses that utilize mobility tools have observed increased employee productivity.

Source- https://financesonline.com/field-service-management-statistics/ 


Improve field technician’s productivity with Kapture

Kapture empowers your field technicians with a digital mobile application that helps them manage appointments, inventories, and expenses reducing manual errors. 

Reporting and analytics in 1000+ formats give you an overview of your technician’s performance and help you improve them. With all the information on the tip of your technician’s finger, they can complete their tasks in a faster and better way. 

Field technicians can schedule meets according to their client’s convenience and mark in their attendance on the field with ease.

Managing on-field expenses is simple, easy, and painless for agents with Kapture’s field force mobile application.

Implement Kapture to ease your field technician’s life and increase their productivity.

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