10 Benefits of Live Chat for the Travel Industry

10 Benefits of Live Chat for the Travel Industry

“Around 73% of customers find live chat the most satisfactory form of communication with a company”. – Invesp

Starting with this statistic above, the need for a live chat feature on a website is growing exponentially across most of industries.

Especially in the travel industry, having a live chat feature installed on the website is one of the best initiatives to answer travel queries and requests, and give them the best advice.

What more can a live chat for the travel industry do? We take a closer look and explain it below by analyzing all the advantages.

1. Better Customer Experiences

Enhancing customer experiences is one of the key focus areas for any company. Installing a live chat feature on the website, fosters customer conversations and improves customer satisfaction.

For instance: when a customer reaches out to a travel website for an enquiry, a live chat can offer plans that are customized for specific groups within specified budgets. This can also convert an enquiring customer into an on-the-spot paying traveler.

2. Boost engagement rates on the website

As the competition in the travel industry is high, being always ready to serve customers with their queries and requests is extremely vital for the travel agencies.

Answering questions on travel destinations, costs, and offers that are unique and based on different customer interests, will get you people tapping their keyboards for more queries and increase recommendations.

So, keeping the website active with a travel agent online chat option can attract more people and give you more leads to offer tailored travel packages according to different customers.

3. Direct customers to the right choice

Getting customers to make the right choice has never been easier as it is now. A live chat feature on the website can bridge the time gap taken by a customer to land on a perfect travel destination.

For example: If a customer is looking on the website for a travel package or advice, a travel agent online chat can offer a perfect package or destination based on their requirements.

And also, if a customer is looking for travel advice like perfect weather to travel, shoes to pick, or what dress to wear, a live chat can help with those as well as being an all-rounder for travel necessities.

4. Real-time problem solving

Imagine a customer support agent for a travel agency being available always with you ready to answer travel queries at all times of the day. Isn’t it comforting?

This is what a live chat feature does online, its primary function is to answer customer’s questions at all times of the day typed by the customer support travel agent on the other end.

The best part is a live chat feature can be accessed from any device making convenience a major go-to factor for this.

The preference of getting their queries answered in the comfort of their homes by a live agent online will be more than speaking to an agent offline.

5. Reduction in travel reservation delays

Customer assistance is one of the most crucial aspects to focus especially for a travel agency.

For payment problems or accommodations issues, a customer can reach out to the agency immediately if the live chat is installed.

A live chat for travel is very essential and assisting customers in need will differentiate an agency from the rest and get you that highest star rating.

On the other hand, a high star rating with a good review will attract eyeballs and new users for enquiries and reservations.

6. Save both money and time

Two of the most crucial elements that people in any industry value the highest would be time and money.

In the travel industry, it is definitely higher as it needs to be specific with the length of the travel, costs, and the whole itinerary has to be well detailed.

For that, a live chat is a perfect channel to have on the travel website that enables customers to get information on the queries they have regarding the itinerary or the costs immediately.

For instance: if a customer needs to upgrade or downgrade his package as the one they had booked earlier did not match his timings or costs, a live chat can help with the requests immediately.

Helping customers as quickly as possible at all times is what a live chat is all about.

Implementing a live chat tool like Kapture on the website can offer all the assistance businesses need much faster with an advanced features list as well.

7. Like a human support experience

If a customer is looking for travel advice, a live chat can assist you with that in seconds with recommendations too.

Just like visiting a travel agent at an agency and asking for suggestions and recommendations, a live chat does that at home at your own convenience with instant replies.

On the other hand, all the process is done online with complete end-to-end assistance only needing travelers to get out on the day of travel.

8. Influence quicker customer decision

10 Benefits of Live Chat for the Travel Industry

Say a customer is looking at enquiring about a travel package, a live chat can offer you the information they need with a few more offers or season-based recommendations.

This can influence the customer to know more about the offer or the recommendation with packages that can be tailored accordingly.

Also, attracting a full payment deal by recommendations and suggestions is a lot more difficult in person than on a live chat.

On a live chat, all the options are sent at a faster pace, recommended according to each person’s needs and convenience, and suit their spending limits.

9. High website conversion rates

“Live chat has a conversion rate of 40%”. – ICMI

Building on the Statistic above, a live chat sure does fasten the process of deciding on a travel destination with recommendations that in turn lead to high conversion rates.

To calculate conversion rates,

Let’s consider that your travel agency online has to book trips to Ladakh, and every month you get about 40000 visitors on your site with close to 200 reservations. This leads to a conversion rate of 0.5%. (200/40000 = 0.005)

 The data about the visitors and reservations can be available to you from tools like Google Analytics or otherwise using tools like Kapture with features like website analytics can help.

10. Achieving competitive advantage

Though an offline booking offers the same, online live chat service is quicker and can be accessed to check information any time after a research side by side.

You can receive information and ask for relevant travel package offers by comparing other sites from a competitor online travel agency.

This gives the customers the satisfaction of getting a good deal from a reputed organization while leaving you with a good rating online.


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