enhanced CX customer experience

Enhanced EX = Improved CX

Improving Employee Experiences to Create Delightful Customer Experiences

Customer expectations and the way the resolutions are offered have evolved over the years. Today, employees expect the same value and experiences their company offers their customers. Exceptional CX (customer experience) is the key to building stronger customer relationships, but what about stronger employee experiences?

Businesses that offer not only great customer experiences but delightful employee experiences as well, tend to thrive. When the team as a whole feel valued they tend to do the same for the business.

So, how to create those customer-like employee experiences that help your teams become more productive, achieve their goals and feel valued, all at the same time. 

Creating a Hub of Help

Assigning your employees a teammate to help them out may seem like a good idea, and a lot of companies swear by it. However, the buddy teammate might also need help in answering questions. Turning to someone else for help and waiting for them to respond might take a longer time than estimated. This may result in poor EX (employee experience). 

Creating a Knowledge base for your internal teams that have answers to the most frequently asked questions, articles on how to approach a certain situation, option to raise internal tickets when a teammate doesn’t find the answer he was looking for can help. Equipping your team with the right information at the right time can be more powerful than you acknowledge. This not only makes them more empowered but also productive at work. 

Right from self-serve to providing omnichannel support to your internal teams as well can result in happier employee experiences which directly translates into delightful customer support. 

Creating an Omnichannel Experience

When we say omnichannel, it doesn’t limit only to the businesses, it goes beyond that. Giving your teams the freedom to ask questions or in this case raise a ticket regardless of the platform is so simple yet so easy. 

Integrating the CRM with multiple platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ERP, HR, accounting, and more can make the employee experience so seamless when they need help. These tickets can then be routed to the concerned departments and take the query from there, resolve it, and dispose of it. 

Empower your teams further by enabling them to track the status of their tickets. 

Introduce ML Enabled Chat

Make your HR and IT teams efforts worth it. When there is a surge of internal tickets, help your HR and IT teams by equipping them with machine learning chatbot automation and workflow. Chatbot can understand the query and provide instant resolutions enabling your team to focus on other tasks. Chatbots can also raise a ticket, involve a human at any point of time, and transfer all ticket (query) details to a human for better assistance. 

Why stop at ML when we can make employee experience more delightful with FAQ integration within chat. Chatbot can offer frequent answers and provide articles on relevant topics, providing insights on the query. Furthermore, tickets to the relevant departments can be raised from here as well for further assistance. 


Creating a seamless EX (employee experience) is as crucial as creating delightful CX (customer experiences). Enabling your internal teams with the right tools can empower them to do more in less time, creating happy employee experiences. This encourages them to be more productive and create the same exceptional support they get from their company. 


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