How the Locus Integration Works Hand-in-Hand with Kapture

Many businesses require and involve competitive logistic operations in their applications. By pulling all relevant transaction data from a ticket, a support agent has information ready while communicating with a customer. Kapture equips users to view the real-time location of active orders. This materialized after integrating Locus, a third-party motion tracker API, within the CRM.

  • What the Integration Offers

Kapture provides the UI to get information about particular orders of the user’s choosing. With the help of Locus, a support agent gets a screen map showing the details of an active order with one click. The resulting pop-up shows details such as:

  1. The exact location of the delivery agent in real-time
  2. The drop location
  3. Distance and route between the two locations
  4. The approximate ETA of the order.
  • The Authentication Process

The Locus API authentication has 2 path parameters:

1. clientID string

2. taskId string

Additional query strings for additional fields can be provided in comma separated values (.CSV format).

The API provides details of the specific task created by the client. This returns details such as Task Status , Order Details, Assigned User, Task Graph, Team ID, Task Summary, Plan ID, Order Transaction, Detail Visit Status, Payment, etc.

A request code is to be sent to –{clientId}/task/{taskId}

HttpResponse<String> response = Unirest.get("")
The HashMap put() code for creating a new task is as below:

  "assignedUser": {
    "carrierClientId": "string (required)",
    "userId": "string (required)"
  "sourceOrderId": "string (optional)",
  "orderDetail": {
    "lineItems": [
        "name": "string (required)",
        "quantity": 1,
        "id": "string (optional)",
        "price": {
          "amount": "number (optional)",
          "currency": "string (optional)",
          "symbol": "string (optional)"
        "imageUrl": "string (optional)",    

This integration is conditional based on the client, so this feature can be embedded into the CRM upon request. This is a useful and time-saving API that can provide users with instant details for all active orders on demand.

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