Kapture’s Foray into Product & Service Rating Framework

Products listed on apps are subject to ratings from users. Mobile is the preferred mode of app browsing and users are prompted to rate a product via notifications. Users rate the products based on their experience and sometimes there is a case where an overall rating is quite low. Such products do not sell and the product pages in question do not perform well which is a problem.

  • Herein Lies the Issue

With Kapture, however, our clients have the functionality to improve product ratings. Product listings carry a star-rating of up to 5 stars (1 being the lowest and 5 the highest). When a product is rated low (3 stars or less), customers are less likely to purchase it. Kapture’s system allows for the collection of data of poorly performing products. This list can then be processed further and worked upon by the customer support team.

  • What We Did About It

Kapture’s product management framework, especially for such scenarios, gives the client a chance to focus more on remedying poor product performances. The process is pretty straightforward– employees who handle the product pages can render a list of products that are rated ≤3 out of 5. Said list is relayed through via Kapture in an .XLSX (Spreadsheet) format.

Kapture is capable of identifying the items that are rated 3 and less than 3 on the spreadsheet. The curated list with only the flagged listings is carried forward in the form of tickets.

Alternatively, our technical executives at Kapture have the option of notifying the client about products which are below the threshold and can give them the option of creating tickets for the same. Kapture is able to track the progress of their listing using the already integrated API of their application.

The request access looks like this:

URL = https://testurl.com/get-info?order_id=0843

  • What Next?

When tickets are created for said products, the onus is on the support staff to regulate the quality and streamline customer feedback. They can take advantage of this list and assign customer support agents who in turn can communicate with customers to find the issue.

We give the online business a proven and tested method in order for them to thrive. Every app has negative ratings, but with Kapture, they have the chance to get on top of the problem without ado. It is safe to say that this sort of a proactive approach can bring long term benefits for any company.

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