What is a
Travel Management System
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What is a
travel management system?

A travel management system is a cloud zbased platform CRM software, that helps tour agents and travel companies redirect all their enquiries into one unified dashboard. What is CRM? A CRM is cloud based SaaS platform where specific business operations can be automated from a single dashboard.

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The travel management system lets you integrate all your enquiry sources into a single platform. Let’s say on a daily basis you receive multiple leads and support enquiries via email, over the phone, from your website and through your social media channels – a travel management system allows you to redirect all the enquiries into one dashboard.

This means that you don’t have to open multiple emails and spreadsheets to track down your leads and sort out support enquiries – all you need to do is open your CRM Dashboard and you can easily tend to each query quickly and effectively.

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The dashboard also gives you a segregated view of the source of these enquiries. Whenever an existing customer sends you a support enquiry or asks you about some new packages – the CRM Dashboard will automatically attaches this new enquiry to the customer’s account. If the lead is new then the CRM will also auto create a new account – so in essence – it’s like browsing through your contacts list on your smartphone. When you click on one customer name – a window pops up giving you a history of solved tickets as well as tickets that are pending, packages purchased etc.

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With the cloud based travel management system you can also automate key tasks like – responding customer enquiries by creating automated email sequences. The sales process also can be automated to a certain extent – wherein each time a lead is generated – it gets auto allocated to the concerned branch. For example – if an enquiry comes in for a package in Europe – then the lead gets auto allocated to the sales team in charge of packages for Europe.

Features of a Travel Management System

Benefits of Using a Travel Management System


Whether you’ve got one office or multiple location a cloud based Travel management system will automate a lot of your key operations like sales, marketing and customer support.

When you can clearly track down the source of your leads – you can effectively divert your resources into the highest lead generators and cut out channels that don’t produce the desired results.

When you can see which packages are getting the best response from the cloud based travel management system – you can create offers and discounts for the packages that are not selling well or hyper focus on the ones that are bringing you the most revenue.

From sales to customer support – you can be a DIY pioneer or you can use a Travel Management system to automate these processes and focus on scaling and growth.