What is Cloud Service CRM?

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What is Cloud Service CRM?

For a modern business, the difference between a kickass and moderate-level success could be purely based on a superior customer experience.

In recent years, the customer service has improved from a mandatory backburner to something that business try to showcase as their value-adding service. And, there’s one tool that you definitely improves the customer service.

So, What is A CRM? A Service CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship platform. Essentially, it connects and

What Makes a Cloud Service CRM a Must-Have?

Before we discuss the benefits and use-cases for a service CRM, let's consider the role and necessity in service management.

Today, businesses need to handle a diverse range of customer queries. This includes complaints, questions, troubleshooting, feedback, order management etc.

In this situation, anything that makes customer service easier or quicker brings immense value to the business. The service CRM system perfectly fits into this role.

A service CRM helps your customer service team manage all their service interactions through a single platform. It forms a layer between customers and service team, making your operations faster and streamlined to achieve higher productivity.

Why’s and How’s of a Service CRM?

Today, the customer service team needs to manage increasing volume and frequency of customer enquiries. This requires a scalable and efficient way of attending customer queries. Also, it should be a straightforward approach that takes-up a lesser amount of time.

For this, you need a service CRM with both cloud and mobile capability. This allows the service team not to be limited by their location and capabilities.

Two Strategies for Excellent Service Management

A cloud-based mobile service CRM helps you implement these two effective strategies to resolve the challenge.

Here are the two approaches that would help you achieve these goals.

  • The omnichannel integration that combines different enquiry channels
  • Progressively reducing the time required to resolve queries

These two independent strategies could be implemented through a service CRM that’s customized to the particular business.

By utilizing Service CRM for these uses, you’ll be able to focus on the other aspects of your business management. In turn, this will have a better impact on customer interactions.

In turn, this will help you improve the quality of customer service.

Now let’s have a detailed look at both these strategies that play a critical role in deciding your customer service.

Omnichannnel Integration

The service team is normally expected to receive and manage customer interactions through different channels. In a hectic day, it could quickly become impractical to tab between the different channels for on-time responses. In turn, it also provides increased chances of particular queries slipping into the cracks and going unnoticed.

A service CRM enables you to integrate the different communication channels into a single platform. By having an omnichannel service cloud platform, you can combine and tie together all the customer interactions to a single platform.

In this way, you can review any new enquiry in a unified ticketing dashboard.

This enables you to improve your customer response velocity and the related proficiency in resolving issues. In the end, you can be sure that you’re consistently resolving the different inbound customer queries.

Create Better Workflows

In most customer service situations, the most intuitive way need not be the most efficient or productive way to solve a query. But most agents take long-winded paths to resolve queries, leading to irritated customers and inefficient processes.

In this situation, a service CRM can pre-configure workflows to resolve particular problems. This helps you consistently create more efficient processes to resolve a particular query.

This could be achieved through a business-customized service CRM. It allows you to pre-configure the specific workflows to resolve each particular business challenge.

In turn, you’ll be able to streamline and manage queries through a single platform.

Benefits of a Service Cloud CRM

Benefits of a Service Cloud CRM

Conceive and Manage Better Team Dynamics

Another Advantage is the fact that the PaaS architecture works like a canvas upon which developers can design their application using the customizable pre built features. This shave off months of development work – effectively helping you hit a product market fit in the shortest time possible.

business-customized service CRM

Create an Action-Focussed Plan

By nature, the customer service teams should be action focussed. This means that your service operations should move based on a service action plan. If you can create and route your service actions, it’ll lead to more productive customer service operations. A Service CRM can enable you to bee more action-focussed on a daily basis. Within a service CRM, you can automate assigning and tracking each enquiry to the service rep.