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What is an
Order Management System and how can it help?

Whenever a customer places an order for any product, it could be an e commerce purchase or a bulk retailer purchase – the system that the seller uses to process this order is called an Order Management System.

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What is an Order Management software and How Does it Work?

Ideally a good Order Management System would;

  • Process and accept orders placed by customers and it should also be able to accept payments as well
  • Alert warehouses on orders placed and get an ETA from them on delivery time based on the location from which the order originated.
  • Keep an accurate track of inventory levels in the warehouse and this should reflect in the channel through which the seller displays his product as well.
  • Have a system to track the order right from when it was placed until delivery. The customers should also be in the loop in this process.
  • Have an integration with central office systems to allow them to easily generate invoices once the orders have been placed.

What are the Features of an Order Management System?

Manage All Orders From One Place

An Order Management software is a tool incorporated into the Operational CRM which lets you collect orders from multiple channels on a single dashboard. Which means is you get 5 orders from amazon and 5 from your website – all these orders arrive straight into the Order Management dashboard. This entire process is automated. The vendor would need to speak to the CRM Company first about integrating the CRM into his existing sales channels

Multiple Payment Gateways Supported and Fraud Check

Another important order management feature is that the vendor should be able to integrate different payment gateways into his selling channel. These gateways should ideally be incorporated into the Operational crm. When this happens – whenever a product is purchased – the money earned as well as the channel from which it is sold on should be reflected in the customer history in the Order Management Software.

Inventory Management

Whatever the stock is at your warehouse – your selling channel should reflect it. If the stock has run out – it should be immediately updated in the Operations CRM. This helps in avoiding mix ups in orders being placed. Let’s say a bulk order is placed – the on field sales person can look at his mobile CRM and look at the stock availability of the warehouse – which would then help him confirm the order.

Easily Integrate Fulfillment Points

When a business has multiple points where fulfillment takes place – the GPS points of the locations can be integrated into the Operational CRM which would then reflect in the Order Management software. This helps in fast-tracking orders and keeping customers in the loop.

Easily Integrate Shipping Platforms into The CRM

You can easily add multiple shipping integrations in the CRM Dashboard. You can choose between multiple shipping companies based on where your deliveries are taking place.

Auto Invoicing

As soon as an order is generated, you can automate the process of invoice generation. This builds a level of trust in the mind of the customer in the cases of online purchases.

What are the Benefits of an Order Management CRM?

Shave Precious Time Of Orders Processing

The order management software is a central place where you can process orders with an omni-channel touch. Whether the order comes from an e commerce store or a retail store – you can use the order Management software to process it.

Update Inventory In Just One location and let it reflect in all your sales channels

The benefit of an order management system is that when you are selling multiple products that are stored in a warehouse. It is absolutely essential that you are aware of the stock availability, but it can become tiring too update it across all your sales channel. With the order management software you can just update it in the central Operational CRM dashboard and it will reflect across all your selling channels.

Easily Assign Warehouses to New Orders

As soon as an order comes in – you can easily attach a warehouse to the order ( these warehouses have to be manually added to CRM ). Once you attach the warehouse to the order via the central CRM the process of picking up and dropping the order is automated.


The order management is a great tool that you can use to automate post sales processes. When your customer gives you his hard earned money – it would reflect greatly on your company – if you can give constant updates of his order.

But how do you do this with multiple products at different warehouses.

The order management system can act as an omni-channel order processing solution which helps you;

  • Create Detailed order pages for each order
  • Add orders on the go from mobile
  • Quickly view order progress from the dashboard
  • Auto generate invoices and payment receipts
  • Plan payment schedules for each order
  • Generate daily order reports through Emails and SMS.