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What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing works on the principle of give before you ask. This form of marketing thrives on Content.

This content could be anything from;

  1. Blogs and Articles

  2. Videos

  3. Podcasts

  4. PPT presentations

  5. E books

The definition of Inbound marketing is “Leave good pieces of content so that customers in need find you”.

In a noisy world dominated by content and driven by smartphones – the inbound approach seeks to enter the conversation that prospects are already having with themselves.

When a digital marketing aspirant asks himself “What is SEO”. He whips out his phone and Googles a variation of this and voila – the best written, most visually appealing valuable piece of content wins.

When the prospect is browsing through his Facebook feed he sees an Advertisement for a free SEO workbook. Then, he immediately enters the sellers funnel through an inbound approach.

What is inbound marketing strategy?

The best mindset to work within an Inbound Strategy is;

What is inbound marketing strategy?

While creating blogposts, make a summary of the blogpost and turn it into a quick PDF that the customer can download when he gives you his address.

When he enters your funnel, put him into a soap opera sequence...

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What are some of the best Inbound Marketing Tools?

While making a video strategy, divide your videos into long form and short form content.

Long form content covers a hyper niche long tail topic like “How to optimize my blogposts to reach the first page in Google in less than 30 days”...

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What are the benefits of Inbound Marketing?

While designing a social media strategy – you need to have three questions in mind.

  • What lead magnet can I create for my customer?

  • What kind of lead time...

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What are some of the best Inbound Marketing Tools?

  1. Sumo Me is a great list building tool. Sumo me has a number of list building tools that enhance your websites conversion.

  2. Google Keywords Planner is a great place to find keywords to target.

  3. Moz.com is a great website to check the authority of your competition (How much weight do they carry in your particular niche).

  4. Social Blade is a great tool to get statistics about Influencers on social media. This helps you understand what return on investment on a shout out could be.

What are the benefits of Inbound Marketing?

Products that win are those that create habits in patterns of your prospects activities. When a person feels bored there’s a high chance he is going to pick up his smartphone.

When he takes a great picture of himself there’s a high chance he will share it on Facebook.

When a business needs to advertise – there’s a high chance they pay Google for Advertising.

If you can turn the content you put out into a Habit forming neuron in the minds of your customer – then he keeps waiting to hear from you and the more you engage him – the closer he gets to buying.

The benefit of this approach is that the high pressure outbound push marketing has been replaced with a more Yin form of Pull marketing.

You focus on pulling the customer to you.

That’s how you win in Inbound Marketing.

Do you need to hire an external Agency for your inbound Marketing?

An agency is a great option for you if you are new to the inbound marketing scene.

But not everybody has the budget to hire an agency. Let’s say and agency charges you $3000 per month to handle all inbound activities.

And let’s presume you only have a budget of $1000. Here’s what you do. You hire a graphic designer and content writer. You then design the strategy and get them to implement the day-to-day hustle.

This could be an alternate approach to the agency route.

What are the best Inbound Marketing Methods?

Your methods should focus on three forms of communication, namely;

  1. Voice

  2. Written form

  3. Video

But don’t start all at once.

First build the discipline to organize two blogposts per week.

Then build the discipline to put one podcast out per week.

Then build up to One video per month.

As you keep increasing the frequency and quantity of content – you will leave enough crumbs of content for your prospect to chomp into your funnel.


Inbound Marketing has to be a part of your current strategy. Today, every company needs to be a media company. It pays to begin investing in a content team right now.

You could also learn to do it all by yourself – but entrepreneurship is effective leadership. Build a great content team and be the best possible content strategist that you can be.