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Everything that your support team needs to function smoothly

Create tickets at your service centre for customers visiting your store. Make customer service easy by auto-assigning service requests to technicians based on query type. Enable service agents to resolve tickets quickly by giving them access to important product details, date of purchase, service history, etc.


Make your service center a single point of support

Know your customer better
Access to Customer, Product, and Service Details

Service agents can capture customer contact info, log service details into the system, access past issues and tickets raised by the customer, view specific product warranty, subscription details, etc. for each ticket so that they can provide customers with an improved experience each time.

Team Collaboration
Status Alerts at Every Touchpoint

Send ticket status updates, service duration and cost notifications to customers at every touchpoint via SMS and email. When the service request is closed, agents can also collect feedback from customers for the services rendered to them.

Reports made effertless
Track Annual Warranty and Maintenance

Supervise progress of multiple service outlets on one platform using periodical reports. Assess agent performances and overall branch productivity via performance reports. Get the required information to learn where to expand and what to improve.

Provide Warranty Support
Hassle-free Customer Returns Management

Maintain warranty support records of customers using subscription forms. Assign field agents in case of service requests from customers. Keep track of services rendered and update customer warranty information accordingly. Get notified about warranty renewals and set up auto-reminders to customers for the same.

Approve Refunds
Use Precise Data to Deliver a Great Experience

Process product refunds or returns by assigning tickets to the concerned team. Frame an approval matrix for repeated complaints from the same customer. Set up auto-transfer of such tickets to higher-ups for further review. Stay informed about special case tickets and deal with them more carefully.

Simplify customer support with an efficient ticket routing system

Assign tickets to service technicians and let them update the ticket based on the issue. The technicians can check for availability of parts, find fixes, quote service costs and more using Kapture.

Stanley Black & Decker

Before Kapture, this was a manual process; the entire idea of bringing Kapture into the picture was because we could not keep track of the entire database of people who walked into our service centres as everything used to be handwritten in a service log book maintained at every service centre. It was tedious for the service engineers to maintain a database of the number of tools coming in for servicing and they had to compile them all in an Excel sheet to track and produce reports

Stanley Black & Decker

Varun Karunananth, Manager

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Build experiences tailored to your customers’ needs.

A complete package for all your customer support needs. Monitor and resolve all tickets with Kapture One Suite.

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