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Fewer steps to close more orders

  • Order-Taking
  • It’s amazingly simple

    Equipped with state-of-the-art order generation tools, your sales executive can add new orders even while they are out on the field. Kapture reduces the time taken to complete a customer’s order with fewer back-and-forth between the executives and managers.

  • Workflow and Approvals
  • When problems find solutions on their own!

    Kapture can automatically assign an order to the relevant employee, letting managers easily approve each of them with a single tap. Improve data exchange between your teams so that your leads can be quickly converted into customers.

Workflow and Approvals
Order Details and Status
  • Order Details and Status
  • A status that’s always updated

    Store your order information in Kapture’s central CRM database and easily access information like customer details, rate structures, order status and follow-up dates. Send invoices and deliver the stock to the customer in minimal time.

  • Customer and Payment History
  • Orders so nice, make it happen twice

    View a customer’s entire order and payment history and retrieve the relevant data like product purchased, order quantity and payment status. Review past orders and study your customers’ purchasing patterns to make better offers.

Customer and Payment History
Delivery Notifications
  • Delivery Notifications
  • No more waiting for good news!

    Send automated notifications to your customers, sales and accounting teams about successful order deliveries. Once the customer has received the stock, your teams can begin the payment follow-up processes.