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Do more with your mobile app

Give your agents on-the-go access to the right tools via Kapture’s mobile app. With information readily available at their fingertips, your agents can now assist customers from anywhere.


Manage your entire on-field customer support operation on Kapture’s intuitive mobile interface.

Agents can efficiently handle customer issues with an instantly accessible help desk CRM right from the palm of their hands.

customer support

Sync information directly to smartphones so sales reps can stay updated at all times.

Give your remote sales teams real-time access to account history, promotional materials, and product & payment details no matter where they are located.

Kapture offers you a smarter way to get things done while out on the field.

Place and edit orders

Collate, organize, and distribute leads to the right sales agent using Kapture's lead management system. Pre-set workflow logic lets you automatically assign leads based on geography, the product of interest.


Need to access your customer’s payment history from a client meeting? Use the Kapture app to update payment status, inform your clients about pending payments, punch in bank details, payment modes, and more.

Upload images

Agents have the option to upload images right from the field. Attach images of products or documents to get a comprehensive view of the request or task at hand.


Expense reimbursement processes are now simpler with a mobile app. Agents can record any costs incurred on the field and update the details on the go.

Product catalogue

Empower your sales reps with marketing materials necessary to close more deals. Field agents can sell better if they have access to all product catalogues and brochures even while on the road.

Meeting map

Get a look at all the meetings your agents have attended in a day. Stay informed of your agents’ whereabouts once they check-in and check-out of client locations.

Step up your customer service game with a smart mobile CRM

Give your customers only the best kind of support. Allow your agents to access real-time data while out on the field so that customer requests can be handled efficiently.

Service Mobile CRM

Allocate Tickets

Organize your ticketing process by automatically allocating tasks to service agents or engineers. Agents can view tickets assigned to them from anywhere, using their smartphones.


Track Warranty Details

Manage and monitor warranty lifecycle from the field. Agents can take a look at each product’s warranty status, terms & conditions, servicing policies, and more.


Resolve Tickets

Agents can complete service tasks in an organized manner by filtering and resolving tickets based on their priority level.

Configurable mobile CRM that’s easy to use and navigate.


Internal request for spare parts

With Kapture mobile app, service engineers will be able to check spare part stock even from the customer location. Enable them to raise order requests to replace spare parts if they are unavailable.


Update ticket status remarks

Agents can add notes about the service task while disposing of the ticket. Your team will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the issue, and service customers even better next time.


Geofencing capabilities

Kapture uses GPS tracking system to track agents when they are out on the field. Agents “check-in” when they arrive at the customer location, and then “check-out” once the visit is concluded.

Powerful mobile app to close deals from anywhere in the world

Get real-time sales updates and key analytics on your smartphone from anywhere using Kapture’s mobile CRM app.

sales Mobile CRM


Monitor your on-field sales teams by letting them mark their attendance with a simple click on the app when they’re present at the client location.


Check-in and out

Increase accountability of your sales reps with the geofencing feature, which lets your agents “check in” or “check out” only when they are at the client location.


Daily plans

Stay on top of daily meeting plans with Kapture’s mobile app. Sales reps can schedule meetings and create additional follow-ups with clients whenever necessary.

Increase your sales with smart mobile technology

Lead management

Lead management

Kapture’s lead management system enables you to distribute leads among your sales reps based on customer, location, expertise, etc. Your sales reps also add new leads when they meet with prospects on the field.

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Reallocate leads

Reallocate leads

Unable to schedule more meetings because of a full calendar? Sales reps can now reallocate their leads to the next agent who’s available with just a few taps on the app.

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Alerts and follow-ups

Alerts and follow-ups

Never miss a client meeting or follow-up again! Set reminders 15 minutes ahead of your meeting so that you’re always on time.

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Customer history

Customer history

Ease the burden of keeping track of all customer orders. Sales reps can access all customer data even on the field. Customers’ previous orders, payment history, etc. are available on one unified platform.

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We received an average of 12,000 queries per month in the form of calls and emails and Kapture helped make it seem as though there weren’t as many; as managing, prioritising and resolving tickets on a single application helped our team increase our first-call resolutions and improved our average TAT– which has now decreased to just 20 minutes from more than an hour!


Abhishek Yadav, Manager

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