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Organize and optimize everything from media planning to campaign execution with Kapture CRM for media Industry. It enables a media professional to make his work better organized and streamlined. The cloud platform helps you consolidate and streamline the multiple decisions involved in the daily media operations. With the ability to collect and segment relevant information, it makes a great CRM for creative agencies.

The media CRM platform helps you create streamlined operations, manage budgets, secure ad spots and manage program schedules.

Media CRM

Deliver Delightful Media Experience
For Both Clients and Audience

In this era, both the online-offline media space is getting crowded and attention has become a highly scarce resource. You need to simply stand apart and be above the rest in this situation to be successful!

The CRM for media Industry helps you manage and strategize your media operations to create a better experience for both advertisers and their target audience.

Media Experience
  • Align presales, sales, operations and customer service

  • Assign responsibilities for each employee

  • Manage customer details

  • Run and measure offline and online campaign and their ROI.

  • View pending and completed actions on a single dashboard

  • Give status updates about client meetings and meeting goals

  • Manage and oversee advertising operations

Streamline and Run Media Operations without a Glitch

Kapture cloud media CRM aligns and plans your media programs to the hilt. Also ensure that you don't waste time between spots or run into overlapping program arrangement. You can also manage the ad spot rates and availability through a single cloud CRM platform. Now this makes it comprehensive ad agency project management software.



Collect a clear picture of your target segments and influence levels through the CRM for media companies. The digital CRM platform lets you maximize your business potential and provide the perfect client exposure.

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Connect and manage digital and non-digital campaigns on a single dashboard. The effective lead management helps you convert them into long-term customer relationships. The CRM for digital agency enables you to take campaign decisions from a single unified dashboard.

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Deliver Improved And Engaging Ad Experiences

Create high ROI ad campaigns based on customer engagement and prolific interactions. The CRM for advertising agencies helps you manage and consolidate customer data associated with customer interactions. This enables you to create and run targeted campaigns that deliver the highest campaign ROI.


Monitor and manage media visibility and incoming traffic through the different ad channels. Also, efficiently manage the ad slots scheduled across the different media channels. Now ensure that you are managing multiple campaigns for seamless experiences with customized advertising solutions using a media advertising CRM.

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Collect comprehensive data about campaign output and performance by integrating your ad campaigns with the CRM for media industry. The inbuilt reporting engine helps you derive custom reports using unique parameters and values. Also, proactively boost client engagement and maintain high client uptimes.

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