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Best CRM Software for Hotel Management

Manage multiple bookings & enquiries across all properties & packages collectively into a single inbox on the Hotel CRM software. Unify your enquiries from booking engines, web forms, travel partner sites, mails, and calls with a watertight enquiry management system and remove the hassle of chasing multiple channels with a CRM for hotel management. Existing guest enquiries get auto attached to the guest account or a new guest account gets created for new enquiries. All powered by a great CRM software for hotel industry that gives you simple solutions for complex processes.

  • It pays to streamline your hotel’s leads – Set up lead distribution for global locations on the CRM for hospitality management.
  • Stem loss of leads – Choose preferred mode of notification before its too late, on the hospitality CRM software.
  • Endlessly track your lead – Be aware of every step along their conversion journey on the hospitality CRM software.
Customer and Payment History
Customer and Payment History

One-click payment, now a click away

Automate your lead distribution based on the locations and package type. Kapture helps you set a custom workflow that enables you to receive leads based on region, lead type, guest preferences, budget, and other preferences based on prospect behavior.

Instant New Lead Notification

Automate your emails and other preferred ways to notify you as soon as a new lead is generated. Instantly know when a lead or enquiry is generated, most enquired property, auto-assign leads to different teams and delight your customer instantly with faster response time.

Customer and Payment History
Customer and Payment History

Keep Track of Everything

Track every move of your potential lead, get instantly notified when a room is booked, or an enquiry is generated, or a hotel is being browsed. Automate, schedule, and send multiple emailers and SMS to potential prospects, catch hold of every communication happening on multiple channels – all on one dashboard.

Automate Sales Tasks Like a Pro

Don’t let inquiries slip between multiple email threads and follow-ups. Enable your sales team to run behind sales and leave the desk job on Kapture. From promotional mailers to template based auto replies, from proposals to rate cards, from booking confirmations to acknowledgement mails, from reminders to follow ups - automate every interaction and book more rooms in lesser time.

  • Auto - assign enquires to team

  • Get instant mobile notification

  • Send proposals, promotions, bookings, invoices

  • Automate follow ups and reminder mails

  • Create quick Rate Cards

  • Generate Invoice with one Click

Rate Card Management

Auto-assign rate cards for channel partners, set discount limits, tax rates, schedule payments, create brand letter heads and send custom email templates. Create a hassle free payment experience by integrating payment gateway links and download payment receipts.

  • Awesome Integrations Seamlessly
  • Seamless integration with all travel partner sites, telephony, chat, accounting, and reservation management systems which has API capabilities. Be available on the most popular booking & reservation platforms. Expand opportunities for higher booking rates. Multi-API integrations for a seamless experience. Set it up in a jiffy without technical help. Be their first choice for a reliable and memorable stay experience.

Customer and Payment History

Centralized Inventory

Create properties, add rooms and banquets to each property. Save important property information like room types with images, number of rooms available under each type and banquet capacity. Access inventory data in the form of a catalog from anywhere on the field. Allow easy showcase of your property to corporates/ travel agents simply through your mobile app. Also, easily add enquiries for specific property / room directly from the inventory catalog.

Find out the occupancy rates of each property real-time and gather information on star properties/packages. Also view the availability of rooms in real-time.