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A Helpdesk Software That Suits Every Enterprise

Build delightful customer experience by providing seamless customer support across platforms with Kapture’s Helpdesk Ticketing Software. Enhance your customer engagement strategies by bringing all the queries into a unified dashboard.

Helpdesk Software
Helpdesk Software System

What is a Helpdesk Software?

A helpdesk is an efficient tool that helps and manages a vast amount of customer interactions and organizes them to help organizations provide better and faster query resolutions. An intelligent helpdesk management system also enables businesses to unify tickets that originated from various sources or platforms created by a single user.

This way the helpdesk agents can keep a track of every interaction that took place and provide instant resolutions based on previous tickets and resolutions. For providing efficient customer support Tools, a Helpdesk management system is the most efficient and crucial tool.

Features of an Efficient Helpdesk Management System:

Handles Multiple Customer

Handles multiple customer interactions and unifies them on to a single dashboard

Multiple Conversations

Seamlessly segregates multiple conversations based on the queries and redirects them to respective departments

Customer Support

Provide efficient customer support across multiple platforms

Response Management

Provide in-depth analysis of TAT, response management, agent productivity, time consumed in resolving tickets, and many more

Customer Retention

Reduce customer retention by allowing customers to find resolutions to frequently asked queries through a self-serve portal

CSAT Score

Reduces customer wait times and boost CSAT score .

Customer Queries

Powerful integrations with multiple APIs to effortlessly solve customer queries without missing out on a single ticket.

Kapture’s Helpdesk Management System

Now seamlessly resolve customer queries more efficiently

CX or customer experience is the key to build the foundation of a stronger customer base. In order to build delightful customer relationships, it is imperative to have a helpdesk system that segregates queries, organizes them based on priority, merges and aligns all the queries based on users and sources, and many more.

A seamless helpdesk CRM Software like Kapture can help in providing a customer 360 degree so you have all the information you need when you require it the most. Tickets can be assigned based on an already configured logic like round-robin, priority, department, etc., or a custom logic that suits your workflow. With Kapture’s helpdesk software solution, you can expect:

Helpdesk Management System
Agent Shift Management Icon

Agent Shift Management

Businesses deal with a greater volume of tickets. For this very reason, the deployment of an efficient helpdesk software solution that is capable of handling a vast number of conversations is crucial. The agent shift management feature is specifically designed to help businesses assign specific shifts to customer support agents to ensure that tickets are never being missed or go unresponded.

Custom Escalation Matrix Icon

Custom Escalation Matrix

While working with a number of departments, each department needs to be assigned specific SLAs for increased FTR (First Time Response). If the ticket is not resolved within a specific timeframe, it will be automatically re-routed to the next designated person for further escalation. This happens with a set of custom escalation sets that can be defined within the helpdesk system.

Outage Ticketing Module Icon

Outage Ticketing Module

In case of a service outage, all incoming tickets around this outage appear as master tickets. So when different customers reach out to you with questions about the outage, all these tickets get filed under the master ticket.

Contextual Response Icon

Contextual Responses

Responding to consumer queries faster can help increase the CSAT score which also helps in increased customer retention. A positive customer experience harnessed from a quick resolution can help build stronger customer relationships. The solution is to deploy an intelligent helpdesk CRM software that enables the customer support team to provide instant contextual responses through predefined templates.

Feedback and Survey Management Icon

Feedback and Survey Management

Feedback is an extremely crucial part of building a stronger customer foundation. A helpdesk ticketing system enabled with Feedback and Survey management can help in improving and impacting customer relationships on a deeper level. Asking the consumers to provide simple feedback or enabling a feedback template in an email after the query resolution can help the entire team highlight the current areas that require improvement.


Why Chose Kapture’s Helpdesk Ticketing Software

Kapture provides you more than just a helpdesk ticketing solution. Our helpdesk management system comes with ample helpful features that drastically improve the customer experience and provide delightful customer relationships. The significant features of Kapture’s helpdesk CRM are:

Auto Prioritize Tickets Icon
Auto Prioritize Tickets

Segregating tickets based on priority can help customer support representatives understand which ticket requires their attention. The tickets can also be labeled manually and can be tagged as per the priority (High, Medium, Low). A certain time span can be defined to ensure that all the tickets are resolved under the specified time frame. If it fails to meet the criteria, then the unresolved tickets can be escalated to the next level.

How To Choose the Right Helpdesk Software for Your Business

  • A Helpdesk Ticketing System That Suits Your Business Intelligence 
    Each enterprise has its own business intelligence strategies. Before choosing a Helpdesk software, it is important to understand your business’s gaps and needs and choose a software that suits your specific business and fits your customer expectations.
  • Usability And Flexibility 
    The best Helpdesk software is the one that fits businesses of all sizes. Kapture provides a flexible Helpdesk ticketing system designed specifically to suit your business. Usability is also yet another important factor. A support Helpdesk Software system with an intuitive and user-friendly UI is always the best to deploy.
  • Flexible Pricing 
    Never choose a Helpdesk software just because it is cheap or costly. Always compare and do the research and choose the software with a flexible price range.

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