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Get a detailed view of your sales pipeline and overall business with Kapture’s Sales Forecasting tool. Get rapid updates of sales generated, track your top deals closed with real-time updates, get detailed business revenue and easily make smart business decisions.

Break down your pipeline with more detailed data and identify:

  • Ideal Prospects
  • Qualified Leads
  • Quotes
  • Closed Deals
  • Won/Lost Opportunities
  • Complete Track of Sales Performance
  • Any CRM software can provide accurate sales forecasting for your business, so how Kapture stands out in this? Kapture CRM helps you break down the forecasting by team, individual agent, and territory. Make better business decisions by checking closed targets vs current targets, about-to-be-closed deals, and sales pipeline visualization.

Sales Tracking
Sales Decision
  • Forecast Even The Complex of Sales Decision
  • Easily predict multichannel sales, estimated leads, expected revenue with detailed dashboards and powerful reports. Identify the achieved targets vs expected targets and know who your sales stars. You can also customize sales forecast by area, region, and territories (based on the criteria).

  • The Right Data. Everytime.
  • Get a detailed view of your each sales activity at every step with insightful dashboards. Compare your revenue and get every information right on your dashboard. With 500+ powerful reporting formats you can identify your hot source of leads, change or automate your tasks, identify potential sources of lead generation, team vs salespeople targets achieved, future targets to be set, and much more.

The Right Data. Everytime.
Push Promotions and Offers
  • Push Promotions and Offers
  • Based on past data and pipeline, sales forecasting tool can throw important insights on what offers worked in past and can be used to push sales. Get idea about discount percentage and how it impacts your future revenue.