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Define your deal parameters like deal status, discount level, customer details, interaction history, etc. with Kapture’s Deal Management tool. Manage territory-wise deals, monitor deals in your pipeline, review sales process, and maximize company margins with ease.

Deal Management Capabilities

  • Real-time Price Metrics
  • Current Deals vs Company Goals
  • Calculate Deal Preference Levels
  • Approvals for Particular Deals
  • Seamless Integration with Third-party Scoring Engines
  • Pricing Metrics
  • Get the complete information of your deal’s pricing through Kapture’s pricing metrics which helps you focus on the special pricing requests when it is generated. View complete customer interaction history and when a pricing request was made, view detailed analysis of the pricing proposed, and perform an end-to-end comparison of proposed pricings for different segments.

Pricing Metrics
Deal Negotiation
  • Deal Negotiation
  • Maximize deal profitability for each deal and make negotiations accordingly by viewing deal margins, invoice adjustments, competitor pricing analysis, order information, and product score. Change deal and payment terms right on your dashboard when there are pricing or product addition and it will automatically reflect on deal status and management.

  • Create Multiple Pipeline
  • Multiple deals include multiple pipelines and Kapture CRM gives you the freedom of doing just that with a unified dashboard. Get accurate details of each deal and what stage it is on, define deal parameters, assign deal stage, and detailed analytics of each deal. You can also migrate different deal pipelines from other CRM software.

Create Multiple Pipeline
Convert More Deals into Potential Leads
  • Convert More Deals into Potential Leads
  • View your deal status, contact information, location, send quotations even if your data is not working with Kapture’s Mobile App that enables you to work even if you are offline. Send notifications to your team about a new deal, or a new lead, new meeting updates, follow-up reminders, and more. Manage everything with your Mobile from anywhere, anytime.