Top 5 CX Trends that reigns 2021

Top 4 CX Trends That Reigns 2021

Source – Smart insights

According to a report by Microsoft, about 96% of customers believe that customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a business.

 For businesses to generate loyal and lifetime customers it is essential for them to focus on improving CX. Customer experience is a leading factor that helps in determining customer loyalty. 

With rapid digitalization and everything going online customer experience is also on a path to set new trends. From hybrid chatbots to seamless communication the future of CX is said to make enormous changes in help desk services. Customer needs and wants keep changing constantly. Under such circumstances, it is essential for businesses to update their customer experience strategies according to the CX trends of 2021. 

Below are the top 4 customer experience trends that are set to revolutionize help desk support in 2021: 

  • The switch to Omnichannel 

As a result of the pandemic, a lot of businesses switched to providing their services online, on various platforms. Providing an efficient help desk management system became very challenging as CX was becoming complex. This led to businesses opting for an omnichannel approach to tackle their sales and services on various platforms. Many businesses are still adapting to new customer experience strategies because of the omnichannel switch. Having an omnichannel facility not only helps businesses cater to customer needs in a better way but also helps them adapt to customer expectations in a virtual space. Help desk systems like Kapture CRM not only enable an Omnichannel approach but also help businesses increase customer satisfaction rates.

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  • Hyper- customization

Did you know that according to a report by Epsilon about “80% of customers believe they are more likely to make a purchase from a business if the business offers a personalized experience?”

In 2021 businesses are expected to make more customized and personalized approaches with their customer care services in order to meet CX demands and expectations. CRM services like Kapture enable customer support teams to provide much more personalized services that include valuable, and relevant customization. This increases customer satisfaction rates which leads to an increase in customer loyalty. Hyper customization or personalization will be the key to providing the best CX.

  • Increased focus on data security 

With everything shifting to a virtual space due to which privacy is on the verge of being violated.  Businesses are expected to make efforts to secure valuable information like customer data. There will be an increased focus on data security and privacy. In 2021 it is a must for businesses to enhance safety and data security measures and keep a regular check on any violations. Apart from keeping a check on violations businesses are also expected to take strict measures and actions in case of any security and privacy violations.

  • Conversational support 

Adding a hint of conversational support  in help desk management never hurts. In the coming years businesses will have to lean towards making lasting relationships with customers and will also have to increase their customer loyalty levels. And a one-stop solution for this is conversational support. 

By providing conversational support or service businesses will narrow down their focus to building long-term relationships with their customers rather than just providing immediate remediation. Businesses will artificially intelligent bots that will provide customers with contextual and conversational information to make the customer experience more pleasant. This will not only lead to increased customer loyalty but will also increase customer satisfaction rates.

Customer satisfaction and customer experience are two of the most essential factors that will determine the generation of revenue and profits for any business. Having the best CRM tools that cater to customer needs efficiently is a key to keeping customers happy and satisfied. Click here to book a free trial with us and don’t forget to check out our flexible pricing plans that suit businesses of all sizes. 

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