Streamline Customer Data to increase FCR and Agent Productivity

Data in the Post-pandemic World

Data today is the most important tool to build knowledge about something – customer, product, service, systems, departments, policies and others. With the right set and amount of data, preferably fresh and updated, organizations are effectively harnessing it to solve problems by fetching the root cause.

Further, since every meagre activity has become internet bound in the last 2 years, millions of gadgets/devices are today storing millions of data, which is further being leveraged for various purposes – recommending relevant products to people, resolving customer complaints, assisting agents to understand CS conversations, service quality check and almost everything related. The use of data, conducive to digital transformation has become extreme. 

Requisites of Customer Data and its Importance in Customer Support

With the world majorly transitioning into a virtual ambiance, every little pursuit has become technology bound. The screen time and the gadget usage by people across age groups have increased manifold over the last 2 years.

Customer data and associated analytics help CS agents to forecast/visualize possible customer behavior in regard to a particular query i.e. questions related to a recent order, an exchange request, a long-pending issue, refunds, and cancellations. Data is like the right ammunition to battle out customer support challenges.

The forecast is based on CRM intelligence which guides the path for the agent using streamlined data so that issues can be resolved in a timely manner.

Why is Data Integration in CS so Pivotal Today?

Given the existing situation, users/consumers are omnipresent on at least 3 gadgets on a rotation basis. They are seen leisurely surfing the web, playing games, executing professional tasks, shopping online, raising complaints to customer support and so many other reasons.

Considering the CS, it could so happen that, a user while working on the laptop, raises a complaint to the customer support department and after a few minutes switches over to the mobile phone to add/delete information or check the status of the complaint. A quicker resolution, in this case, can only be provided if the incoming data from the laptop and the phone are intelligently accumulated and synced in real-time (for the CS agent to resolve it further).

Therefore, an appropriate and seamless integration helps present the data on one unified dashboard making it more relevant in nature. This empowers the agents to understand the customer complaint better and motivates them to adequately resolve issues in the first Customer-Agent conversation itself, thereby increasing the First Call Resolution (FCR) rate of the company. In fact, the appropriate resolutions given in the first call tend to reduce escalations as well.

Such streamlined approaches and a robust data structure help a business to readily provide personalized customer support at any given time. Kapture CRM ensures customer query resolution in the first call, which also catalyzes to significantly bring down the Turn Around Time (TAT) & Churn Rate of businesses which in turn increases the CSAT score manifold.

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There is a direct and positive correlation between the First Call Resolution and the Agent which means, the more fulfilling the FCR, the more the agent’s productivity with respect to his task. Though there are multiple ways of inducing this generous correlation in the business, the most crucial remains the data optimization through its streamlining procedure. As already spoken about, that users today are raising tickets on various gadgets and impatiently seeking a response, hence, it is of utmost importance to get the relevant data right in an accurate form.

It is also advised that businesses make it a priority to abide by the FCR like it is the first and the last call to make an impression on the complainant customer. It even ensures the solution in the first attempt thereby reducing the agent’s rework.

Agents have a lot on their plate every day. Quicker query resolutions empower them and pursuing a 360°approach pertaining to every bit of customer information in a streamlined manner creates a productive aura for the agents as well as for the entire business

Also, not only should the customers have a good experience while interacting with the helpdesk, but we believe that the agent should also savor the same while providing the desired resolutions.


The importance of data has to be clearly and concretely understood by business experts and analysts. And especially, in view of a business’s customer support practices, the customer data is the most crucial of all components and must be stored, refreshed and leveraged to astutely resolve queries regularly.

Streamlining customer data from a CS standpoint definitely leads to a win-win scenario wherein, the customers benefit by procuring a compliant solution from the agent and the agent or rather the entire brand benefits from repeat sales from the same customer. It also makes the agent’s work fuss-free and turns the support center into a profit hub!

An integrated view of the customer data can help weave delightful customer experiences owing to prominent query solutions in the preliminary interaction itself. Following this, the CX stands enhanced as well as distinguished in an ever-changing world.

To quick information and even quicker resolutions, we hope you are inspired enough to harness the power of data in a well-regulated way that yields appreciable business outcomes and of course ‘supports’ your customers noteworthily.

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