Business-to-Business Customer Experience Management

State of Business-to-Business Customer Experience Management

A customer-centric business intelligence strategy is of utmost importance for B2B in this power era of customers. It is a stratum of the marketplace where customers and retailers are placed at equal positions. But enterprises and businesses often have to face various challenges while creating a B2B customer experience management strategy. 

With helpdesk ticketing systems like Kapture, creating the best strategy that suits your customer’s needs and demands is just a cakewalk. 

Why is B2B Customer Experience Management Important? 

B2B customers expectations

For creating an efficient B2B customer experience strategy it is important to have a deep understanding of customers, their needs, expectations, business goals, and moreover the complete customer journey. 

According to a survey by Markets and Markets, “It has been reported that the customer experience management market is projected to grow from USD 7.8 billion in 2019 to USD 14.5 billion by 2024.”

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Why B2B customer experience is important because they have much more person-to-person interaction as numerous departments weigh on purchase decisions, several functional areas from both the buyer and supplier firms and there is a necessity in maintaining a healthy relationship for a longer period of time. 

For instance, for a software implementation process, a customer may need to work closely with the same group of businesses for a longer period of time and maintain constant communication with them. Trust can be formed or broken during this period and it is mandatory for businesses to keep a healthy relationship for the long haul. Therefore, a solid customer experience strategy means understanding that experience never ends, it is important to continuously facilitate feedback on how to enhance the experience further. 

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Best Practices For B2B Customer Experience

Customer Demand Real Time Interaction

1. Offer Personalized Experiences

With the increase in market competition, it has become a necessity for B2B businesses to find a way to add value to their support operations with personalized service. Surveys and statistics show that almost 77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience.

From getting to the customer to establishing strong communication with them and offering the product, personalization needs to happen at every point in the customer journey. The best practice for the B2B customer experience is to make your customers feel that they are valued and appreciated. 

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With a contextual and personalized approach, Kapture ensures that every customer is treated differently depending on their needs and requirements. We understand that businesses from multiple sectors have different needs and goals.

For instance, the requirements of a healthcare industry might be different from that of an e-commerce sector. With our machine learning algorithm, we understand each unique requirement and facilitate keywords and use cases that suit each sector. By providing them highly customized service that suits their business intelligence strategies, we ensure business success and a good CSAT score. 

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2. Offer Customers Real-Time Support 

Yet another way to enhance your customer experience strategy is to provide them with real-time communication via live chat and facilitating instant responses to queries and complaints. With real-time support, you can boost your customer satisfaction rate, collect real-time feedback and further reduce your operational costs. 

Kapture provides businesses with an intelligent live chat option, which can be integrated on websites, social media channels, and other platforms to resolve customer queries accurately and efficiently. 

3. Maintain Consistency

The key to CX is always consistency. Especially in a B2B scenario where businesses need to maintain their customer relationship for a longer period of time. Your customers would probably need to know what to expect when dealing with your business, and whether they are receiving the same level of service and support for the long haul. 

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For this reason, businesses should maintain their CX strategy, coordinate their post-sale efforts, collect feedback from customers from multiple channels and ensure that all the feedback is valued and incorporated accurately. 

This is why the B2B customer experience is of utmost importance to manage a healthy relationship with your customers. We at Kapture value all our customer’s unique needs and demands. Deploy Kapture and transform your support operations to the next level, with world-class integrations, and an intelligent as well as contextual approach. 

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