Role of Contextual marketing in enhancing CX

Role of Contextual Marketing in Enhancing CX

 “Did you know that according to a report by the super office about 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience?” 

Not prioritizing a pleasant customer experience tends to decrease the number of existing customers and reduces customer onboarding. This is precisely why businesses put effort into knowing what customers really need. Contextual marketing or targeting is one such kind of effort that businesses make to find the right audience for their products or services. Businesses tend to increase sales by directing their campaigns towards the right audiences through contextual targeting.

Customer data management is essential to provide a good customer experience. Customer’s needs and wants constantly keep changing every single day and for businesses to cater to every demand a proper understanding of customer expectations is necessary. Businesses having a contextual understanding is the key to increasing customer satisfaction rates and customer experiences. Customer support software like Kapture enables businesses to provide a consistent, customized, and unique consumer experience to customers. Kapture CRM’s contextual and quick ticket resolutions make customers feel understood and build a positive brand image. 

What Is Contextual Marketing?

With ever-changing customer expectations, it becomes important for businesses to know how Context drives great customer experience. In simple words, contextual marketing refers to a form of targeted advertising based on existing preference information. This form of marketing provides a specific target audience based on various factors like their search history, recent website browsing activity, devices used,  links clicked on, etc. Targeted marketing aims to give targeted audiences what they already have a liking/preference for or what they might be looking for based on their activity. 

For instance – A consumer is browsing on the internet for textbooks, this activity is recorded and is later used by businesses to show them ads based on the book they are searching for, so the next time they open another website they get advertisements for the books that the person previously searched for.

Contextual marketing

According to a report from Sizmek, about 71% of marketers believe it is challenging to reach out to the right audience while delivering their services and about 87% of marketers plan on using contextual marketing to find new audiences. 

Why Is Customer Context Important?

Businesses Better Understand Customer Needs 

Analyzing customer search history and activity enables businesses to better understand what they are looking for. Helpdesk ticketing software like Kapture enables businesses to engage with the right customers but also increases sales. This makes customers feel understood. 

How Customer Service has Transformed to Serve Better?

Brands Maintaining Customer Engagement

When customers feel heard and understood they tend to maintain their engagement with your brands. Not maintaining customer engagement might make consumers lose interest in the brand’s product or service, thus lowering sales. Maintaining healthy engagement levels show that customers are having a pleasant experience. 

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Facilitates Immediate Remediation

When businesses provide support to customers in need, having contextual customer data based on customer’s past purchases, order history, resolved queries, etc. helps them provide an even better and quick solution to the customer’s queries or problems. When customers receive immediate remediation customer satisfaction rates go up. 

Provide a Personalized Customer Experience

One of the best ways that businesses can show they value customers is by adding a hint of customization and personalization. And this becomes easy with contextual customer data. By personalizing customer interaction, businesses create a bond that brings customers even closer. 

State of Business-to-Business Customer Experience Management

Businesses Tend to Increase Customer Retention

When businesses have targeted customers they know what exactly their needs are and this helps serve them accordingly. Having a contextual understanding leads businesses to retain customers in the long run. When customers feel cared for they tend to be more loyal to the brand itself. 

Contextual Marketing Reduces Customers Efforts

Due to available customer data businesses can analyze customer needs and interests. This saves a huge amount of time that goes behind customers explaining what they want and reduces customer efforts. 

Businesses must find ways to enhance the customer experience but serving customers becomes difficult day by day with their ever-changing needs. Businesses can tackle this issue through contextualized customer data analysis. Click here to know more about this.

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