Reduce Ageing Tickets

How to Reduce Ageing Tickets

According to Qualtrics XM Institute, A good customer service experience heavily impacts recommendations, and Consumers who rate a company’s service as “good” are 38% more likely to recommend that company?

Good customer service can play a far-reaching role in any business. But providing good customer service can be challenging due to issues like delayed ticket remediation. 

Let’s face it. We’ve all been in a situation where the customer support agent tells us that they will get back to us within a few minutes but ultimately fail to keep up with this promise.

The inability of customer support teams to resolve customer tickets in a timely manner is caused due to various reasons like complicated systems, lack of cooperation among various departments, changes in workflows, lack of effective customer relationship management tools, poorly trained customer service agents, and absence of centralized databases.

Irrespective of the reason ignored tickets or aged tickets can cause a lot of damage to the brand name and the overall profitability as well. And this is exactly why an efficient ticket management system is important.


What Are Aging Tickets?

In simple words, Aged tickets are those open tickets that have been accumulated and collected for a while and have not yet been resolved. And unlike fine cheese, open customer service tickets do not age deliciously. 

Aging tickets can be left unattended or ignored due to various reasons. By not providing efficient and contextual remediation to these tickets businesses open themselves up to a lot of sets back.

Aged tickets can create internal problems as well as external challenges for businesses. They bring down customer satisfaction levels, and agent productivity levels, and even affect brand loyalty.


What Are the Strategies That Help to Reduce Aging Tickets?

Ticket problem management can be tedious and resource-consuming, but not doing immediate damage control can cause a lot of problems in the long run.

From grouping the same kind of tickets together to investing in the right technology, businesses need to use various strategies in order to tackle aged customer support tickets. Here are a few strategies that will help businesses reduce aging tickets –

1. Reporting and Analyzing Aged Tickets

The first and the most important step in dealing with aged tickets is to identify them.

Identifying aged tickets helps you to report and analyze how old the tickets are.

Once these tickets become visible it becomes extremely easy to tackle the remediation process.

Agents can either break this down by months or weeks or days. This also makes the agent assignment process smoother.

2. Help Your Customers Help Themselves

Self-Serve Portal

Another excellent way to deal with aged tickets is by proving customers with a self-help option.

According to a report by Microsoft, 77% of consumers report having used a self-service portal?

Self-service portals can help customers resolve their own tickets at any time of the day and can create an intelligent and independent customer base. Self-service portals can not only reduce the number of aged tickets present but can also improve the overall ticket remediation process. 

3. Keep an Eye for the Weak Spots

It is extremely important to identify and catch hold of any loopholes or faulty setbacks in the service request management process.

Wherever there is a lag or a setback ticket automatically get queued and start to age.

Identifying why the ticket remediation process was halted can help agents easily track and correct any negative trends or problems in the request management process. 

4. Work on Ticket Categorization

Categorizing aged tickets can help agents understand the nature of the aged tickets and also help them in keeping a track of how many aged tickets there are and where are they coming from. This helps customer service agents identify any miscategorized tickets.

Categorization of aged tickets allows service agents to easily identify and follow up on service requests. Disorganization can not only lead to complacency but also leads to lower productivity levels. 

5. Keep an Eye for Quick Conquests

After taking a quick look at your aged-ticket queue try to identify tickets that can be easily solved. Is there a ticket that has already been resolved but hasn’t been closed?

Maybe customer service agents are poorly trained due to which they are making little errors like not closing already resolved tickets.

Identifying these tickets that can be quickly remediated can clear up the queue and at the same time reduce the backlogs. 

6. Make it a Priority!

Handling aged tickets should be made a priority task for IT teams and customer service operations.

Make sure that your teams set aside a few minutes in every meeting to discuss the issue of aging tickets.

Instead of looking at aging tickets as a one-time-only issue make sure that it is discussed regularly in order to reduce the accumulation. In addition to the above, making customer support agents accountable for unnecessary delayed remediation processes is extremely important.

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7. Understanding the Impact

Look for the most delayed tickets and sort by priority. Aged tickets can be left unattended or unresolved anywhere from 2 days to several months. Prioritizing these tickets based on their possible impact is necessary.

Tickets delayed by several months can cause a significant negative impact and hence have to be dealt with at the earliest.

Assessing the impact of the delayed tickets helps agents become more productive and efficient and allows them to easily tackle the pile of aged tickets.


How Can Support Representatives Politely Cancel an Aged Ticket?

Canceling an aged ticket can be challenging. While canceling tickets agents should always approach a situation like this with a lot of sensitivity and discretion. Agents can initiate by using the following phrases –

  • We’ve registered your ticket and we’re working on it.
  • We’re still working on your customer support issue.
  • Were you happy with the remediation process?
  • We have an update on your request for a refund.

In addition to this customer service agents can also offer product discounts or other offers to customers whose tickets haven’t been resolved for a really long time. Offering discounts will help disappointed customers cheer up and will also keep up morale. 



Aged tickets tell us a lot about the efficiency of customer support operation teams and the kind of technology they use.

A higher number of tickets can not only showcase a lack of discipline and accountability but will also result in a negative brand image and lower customer loyalty levels.

Having the right tools like effective customer relationship management systems or CRMs that will help your agents identify the lower ticket and higher ticket backlogs, categorize tickets based on various factors like time taken is not only helpful but also extremely important.

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