Social media customer service 2021

Providing Great Social Media Customer Service in 2021

Did you know that according to weave social about 49% of the world population uses social media spaces as of 2020? In the 21st century, providing efficient and effective customer care support is important but what is more important is providing accessible customer care support on multiple platforms. To stay on top of their game, it is important for businesses to focus and make investments towards providing effective help desk support services. Having an effective help desk management system can play a very far-reaching role in a company’s profitability. Providing customer care on a customer’s preferred platform is one of the best ways to win the buyers’ hearts. Being available to cater to customers’ needs on various platforms showcases the company’s commitment to its customers.

What is Social media Customer service and why is it so important? 

We no longer live in the telephone age where customer service used to be provided through telephones and mobile phones. Now everything is about social media platforms. Running a business in the 21st century where there is an increased pattern of social media usage by buyers can be challenging. In situations like this offering help desk services or customer care services on social media platforms becomes extremely necessary. In simple words, social media customer service is nothing but providing customer care support on various social media platforms. 

Social media customer service can be extremely advantageous as it can help businesses in addressing product-related issues, providing guidance, answering shipment-related inquiries, dealing with transaction-related issues, etc. all from the customers’ preferred social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Providing help desk services on social media platforms gives businesses a competitive edge over their competitors and also helps them increase customer onboarding and customer retention levels. Failing to provide customer support on social media platforms can not only decrease brand visibility but also decrease customer satisfaction levels.

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Various benefits of providing customer care assistance on social media platforms

Benefits of customer care assistance on social media platforms


  • Great tool for customer onboarding and efficient lead generation 

There are a huge number of social media platforms that handle millions of users. This provides an opportunity for businesses to increase customer onboarding levels and also makes it easier for them to generate not only new leaves but also more repeat buyers. Providing social media customer service can help businesses reach out and cater to customers from various corners of the world. 

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  • Helps businesses increase sales and profitability 

With so many customers and leads generated through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. businesses can significantly save on traditional methods of customer care support like call centers, etc.  Companies can now extend their business empires through social media platforms. This not only drives sales but also increases the overall revenue of the company in the long run. 

  • Increases positive brand visibility

Social media is a vast virtual space where businesses can find customers from all over the world. Being active and providing customer support on such channels not only helps businesses showcase their commitment towards their customers’ needs but also helps them build and increase positive brand visibility on such platforms. Catering to customer needs on all social media platforms shows that brands are making an effort to stay alive in the digital world. 

  • Provides insights on customer trends and expectations

Social media platforms can be used as a great research tool. These platforms provide insights on ubiquitous customer behavior patterns and help businesses better understand what exactly the customers are expecting from them. All the customer service interactions on these platforms can be stored and used to analyze customer needs and preferences which also helps businesses build better customer-centric sales strategies and marketing strategies.

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Tips to get started on social media customer service – 

Tips on social media customer service


  • Set up social media strategy in order to increase awareness about your customer service operations on that particular social media platform. 
  • Choose a customer relationship management system that will facilitate omnichannel support. 
  • Launch social media campaigns to increase brand visibility. 
  • Setup basic response templates for social media customers to answer frequently asked questions in the comments section.
  • Make sure that you don’t leave any customer service tickets unattended in the comment section or in the inbox.
  • Always maintain a positive tone while replying to a comment from a customer. 
  • Set up a separate channel for handling social media customer support queries.

Things to avoid on social media while providing customer service – 

  • Don’t get engaged in unnecessary and irrelevant discussions in the comments section. 
  • Don’t make the customers wait for customer care assistance. 
  • Don’t fail to provide proactive support even if it’s a trivial issue or request. 
  • Make sure that no negative language is used while replying to a comment or a message in the inbox.  

Take a look at these Social media customer service stats 

Did you know?

social media customer service statsProviding help desk support on social media websites is an excellent way to gain more customers and at the same time increase brand visibility. To know more about customer relationship management systems like Kapture CRM that help businesses provide effective customer service on social media platforms click here for a demo. 

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