Learn How Consumer Purchase Decisions Can Be Influenced

Influencing Purchase Decisions 

For businesses to thrive and create profits in the 21st century it is becoming essential for them to put themselves in customer shoes and opt for more customer-centric business approaches. Businesses try hard to get a better understanding of what exactly the customers are looking for. Providing the best customer service facilities has become the core objective of a customer-centric approach. This approach not only guarantees happy and satisfied customers but also guarantees an increase and profitability. Important factors that influence buying behavior is understanding and exploring various stages of customer decision-making processes as businesses gain better insights.

Important Factors That Influence the Buying Decision 

  1. The Price of the product or service they are looking for. 
  2. The quality and longevity of the product or service and if it is worth the price. 
  3. The kind of customer support offered by the company they are doing business with. 

Stages of Consumer Decision Making Process 

Identifying the Need

For the decision-making process to start the consumer has to first recognize the lacking of a specific product or service. This is the first and most important stage of the decision-making process. Here the consumer identifies his/her need for a certain product or service. They tend to notice patterns of need or may come to a conclusion that a certain product or service can be a kind of positive reinforcement that will make their lives easier. 

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Researching the Product

The second step is to research the product or service. This will give a better understanding of how the product or service will improve his/her life. In this stage, consumers research price evaluations, quality assurance, and read reviews. They also look for alternatives to the product or service they need. Many businesses might provide the same product or service and a good way to make your businesses stand out is by using CRM systems like Kapture CRM.

The Purchase Process

This is the next and the most important stage. After going through various alternatives for the same product or service and hours of research the consumer finally makes the purchase. It is important to keep in mind that though the consumer has decided on a brand there still exists a possibility of making a switch to a different brand due to factors like bad customer care service, lack of information, etc. It is essential for large enterprise businesses to have efficient CRM systems to make sure that their prospective customers don’t switch to other brands due to bad customer service. 

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Post-Purchase Decision 

This is the last stage of the purchase decision. Here the customer might do some post-purchase evaluations and analyze the quality of the product or the service purchased. There is a possibility of the customer wanting to return the product or even demanding a refund in case they don’t find the quality of the product up to their expectations. This also gives an opportunity for businesses to show how much they care about their customers through great help desk support services. 

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How You Can Influence Customers Buying Decisions 

Provide your customers 24/7 help desk support so that they can reach out to you at any point when they have issues with the product or service. Providing 24/7 customer service helps businesses show that they really care about customer satisfaction.

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Make sure your customer support agents post-purchase follow up to check up on customer satisfaction and to collect their feedback. Make sure that negative feedback is taken seriously and customers are given the right customer support.

Another way businesses can influence customers’ buying decisions is by using the right technology. When businesses use efficient customer relationship management tools like Kapture CRM they are able to increase agent productivity as well as provide efficient and quick ticket remediation. To know more about how your business can influence consumer buying behaviors through efficient customer relationship management tools like Kapture click here for a demo don’t forget to check out our flexible pricing plans that suit businesses of all sizes. 

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