Instagram Bot - An extension to your customer support ecosystem

Instagram Bot – An extension to your Customer Support Ecosystem

Importance of Instagram

Did you know that according to a Statista, Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, and about 500 million everyday users? And another report by eMarketer says that about 11% of Instagram users shop through the app itself. With millions of everyday users, Instagram has now become one of the best platforms for businesses to provide customer care facilities. Having a brand presence on Instagram not only helps businesses achieve huge profit margins but also helps businesses keep up with their CSAT scores.

According to eMarketer,

Instagram users tend to spend an average of 30 minutes per day on the social media platform.

Businesses staying alive on social media platforms and managing media and other advertising campaigns like Instagram is now necessary more than ever. 

Important statistics you should know 

Important Instgaram Statistics

What is Instagram Messaging Automation? 

Every day, customers all over the world send millions of messages to businesses on Instagram. Handling thousands of messages, story replies, post comments, reel comments, etc. every hour can be very time-consuming and extremely hectic. Simply put, Instagram messaging automation is nothing but an automated response system that helps businesses respond and send messages to customers.  If businesses fail to switch to an automated messaging system, it can result in a lot of disadvantages like unattended help desk tickets, low CSAT scores, negative brand image, etc. Instagram messaging automation also helps businesses effectively handle front-facing customer interactions on comments, story interactions, etc. Be it direct messages, story responses, tagging, comments, etc. Businesses can now automate their responses to customer interactions in a hassle-free manner. 

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Types of Automated Messages on Instagram for Businesses 

  • Sending an automated welcome message to the new followers
  • An automated response to Instagram’s story replies
  • Automated responses to comments 
  • Automating responses to FAQs in direct messages 

Providing Great Social Media Customer Service in 2021

How Instagram Messaging Automation Helps your Business

How Instagram Messaging Automation Helps your Business

Keeping up with the trends of social media usage is extremely important for businesses today. But doing so without the right technology like Customer Relationship Management Systems can be laborious. Luckily small businesses can now make use of efficient Customer Relationship Management systems like Kapture CRM that will help cope with the ever-changing customer expectations and trends. To know more and pursue a demo, click here.

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