How to Boost Sales CRM

How to Boost Your Sales Amidst the Pandemic With an Intelligent CRM?

How a CRM can Help your Business in this Pandemic 

Delivering good customer service during covid-19 has not only become the need of the hour but has also become one of the distinguishing factors that play a major role in generating profitability. As a result of the covid-19 pandemic, netizens have witnessed the flooding of virtual spaces with E-Commerce services. More and more businesses are shifting their services online to better accommodate the needs of the covid-19 pandemic. 

In a time like this when people are still getting used to doing business online, there can be a lot of confusion and chaos. And that is exactly why it is essential for businesses to provide the best customer care services. The best ways through which businesses can provide efficient help desk facilities are through customer relationship management tools like Kapture CRM. Leveraging CRM in the face of covid-19 is becoming the need of the hour for business is everywhere.

Why Companies are Leveraging efficient CRM Systems Amidst Pandemic 

Omnichannel Facilities

When businesses opt for an omnichannel approach it not only helps them conduct business with their customers on various touchpoints but also helps them provide customer care services to their valuable customers through all those touchpoints. Having a CRM that facilitates omnichannel is a must-have for all businesses especially in times when there is a global pandemic. Opting for an omnichannel approach during a spike of digitization as a result of the pandemic is a clever move because it not only helps businesses reach out to more and more customers but also helps them increase profitability. In addition to the mentioned advantages, another major advantage that businesses experience due to omnichannel is low-cost lead generation.

Self-Service Portals

As a result of rapid digitization due to the pandemic, there has been an ever-growing influx of help desk tickets being raised. Due to the worldwide digitization that is happening so rapidly, people are still getting used to the new virtual spaces which as a result is leading to a lot of tickets being raised.  Leveraging customer relationship management tools that facilitate self-service portals not only help businesses handle the huge influx of help test tickets being raised but also helps businesses track consumer trends using these self-service portals. By using CRM systems like Kapture businesses are not only helping customers help themselves but are also building independent customers. 

All-Time Availability 

Having limited helpdesk support may reduce the number of tickets being raised and may also create a negative brand image. Leveraging an efficient CRM system in the face of covid-19 helps businesses cater to customer needs at all times. When businesses offer round-the-clock customer care support to their customers it only shows that the business truly cares about the customers’ well-being but also sets a positive brand image of the company itself. Unlike service desk agents these customer relationship management tools are not limited to specific business hours. Efficient CRM systems like KaptureCRM are able to assist customers 24/7. 

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Reduced Customer Care Costs

Using customer relationship management systems like Kapture CRM helps businesses significantly cut down on help desk management costs. Since these CRM systems are able to handle a huge number of tickets at the same time it enables businesses to cut down and save significantly on customer support agents. Customer management systems also ensure your efficiency e in the help desk processes. These systems make sure that customer care support is provided in the most efficient and quick way possible. They also facilitate easy and low-cost lead generation. Other added benefits include low-cost customer onboarding and customer retention. 

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