How Millennials are redefining the customer support space

How Millennials are contributing towards changing Customer Experiences

From technological advancements to a shift in traditional customer experiences, Millennials are playing a far-reaching role in every field. It is no surprise that over the past decades the trend setting millennials demographic(which is one of the largest demographic) has impacted the Help desk ticketing systems in a huge way leading to so many changes in how customers are provided customer care support. It benefits businesses to know how Millennials are redefining customer service.

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All thanks to Millennial customer experience, customer care systems or customer Service Software like Kapture CRM not only facilitate essentials of Customer Service to Millennials but have also changed radically which has led to the shaping of the fundamental needs of good customer support ticketing systems. Here are five reasons why and how Millennials have impacted the customer experience.

Millennials like helping themselves out

Did you know that according to a report from BizReport, it is said that about “69% of millennials tend to feel good when they solve a problem independently through self-service portals”? If there is one obvious thing about millennials then it is that they absolutely love doing everything on their own. They value independent behavior. They do google searches even before they reach out to customer care services. Their need for options like self-service portals has not only revolutionized the customer care experience but has also made big and small businesses save huge costs without compromising the quality of help-desk service being provided. 

Millennials appreciate immediate responses.

According to a report by it is said that about “5% of millennials prefer assistance from customer support service within 10 mins after reaching out to them” The phrase “instant gratification” is synonymous with Millennials. They are known for everything but patience. Millennials thrive on instant responses. They were born in a time where they didn’t have to wait because technological inventions were getting advanced day by day. They expect immediate assistance from businesses and this has led a lot of customer support services to adapt to a much more immediate assistance set-up over the decades. Expecting immediate responses is another way how Millennials are redefining businesses.

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Millennials adore a hint of personalization

Millennials do not prefer the “everyone wants the same thing” approach. They prefer being treated as individuals with different and unique needs. Millennials frown upon the one-size-fits-all approach. They love it when help desk support services add a hint of personalization every time they assist them. Making the assistance personalized makes millennials feel special and cared for. According to  Microsoft’s Global State of Customer Service report, about “75% of people who used Help desk ticketing systems expected the customer service agents to have knowledge about them and their previous purchases.” By expecting and demanding personalized services, Millennials have helped businesses adapt to their ever-changing needs. 

Millennials expect your presence everywhere.

Millennials share a love for using a variety of mediums to convey messages or to reach out to friends and family or even services and businesses. They are the epitome of omnichannel needs because of their constant usage of various mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, SMS, LiveChat, etc. Every Millennial is habituated to a different medium (or mediums) and when they don’t find a service or business they are looking for on their preferred medium or channel they tend to see the brand as a not so evolved business. Due to this particular need of Millennials over the past decade, businesses have adapted the omnichannel approach to cater to their customers better. This has not only increased customer retention but has also improved customer onboarding. 

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Millennials like it when businesses care about their opinions. 

Customer Service for Millennials is not only about personalization but also about taking their opinions into count. Not only is feedback the most important part but also a very valuable factor for millennials. Did you know that according to an article by Adweek about “77% of customers trust the reviews provided on company websites?”  They appreciate it when businesses utilize their feedback to make their products and services better accustomed to their needs. Another added bonus point is businesses taking customer preferences into count. When businesses utilize feedback and reflect on customer tastes and preferences it helps them cater better to their needs.  

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