How customer service has transformed to serve better

How Customer Service has Transformed to Serve Better?

With more and more businesses shifting to a virtual space every day there has been a drastic change in the way businesses are being conducted. This drastic change has not only led to a change in the way services are being delivered but has also revolutionized the way customers receive customer care support. For businesses to thrive and become more profitable in these times it is important for them to understand how digital transformation is driving the customer experience. There are two important questions that businesses should ask themselves while trying to generate profitability

 1) How has customer service evolved? 

2) How can customer service be improved? 

Finding answers to these questions not only helps businesses understand the future of Customer Service but also helps them explore ways in which they can deliver great customer service.

How has customer service evolved? 

To know how customer care service has transformed and evolved over the years it is important to understand the role of digital transformation in this change. Rapid digitization has led to various changes in help desk management. From artificially intelligent chat systems to round-the-clock availability, customer service transformation has revolutionized how customers are being treated. 

Here are 5 ways in which customer service has transformed in the past decade- 

Increased usage of conversation AI 

Conversational AI helps businesses offer their customers human-like interactions that cater to their needs. Conversational AI systems can also handle a huge number of tickets, unlike agents who can only handle a limited number of tickets. Integrating conversational AI systems not only helps businesses handle a huge number of tickets but also makes sure faster tickets resolution. They have not only transformed help desk management but have also changed the way businesses acquire customers. 

Live chat agents

Another major way in which customer service has transformed to serve better is by adapting to live chat systems. The immediacy of assistance provided with live chat systems enables customers to resolve their tickets in no time. Apart from this live chat also helps businesses increase their customer acquisition and customer onboarding rates. These live chat agents also boost customer service teams’ productivity as well as agent productivity. In addition to all of the above benefits, another major benefit of using live chat is that it increases customer engagement levels. 

Lower wait times

With everything going remote and a huge number of businesses going online, customer care support has also become remote. This has not only eliminated long queues for getting customer care assistance but has also significantly reduced the time taken to solve customer problems. Customers no longer have to go to physical customer care centers to get their questions answered or to get their problems solved because now everything is available with the click of a button.

24/7 availability

Unlike a few years ago when customer care service was only limited to the boundaries of a physical space it now exists in a virtual space and caters to customer support needs from anywhere and everywhere and at all times. Digitization of help desk management has not only made customer support available everywhere but has also made it available 24/7. This has enabled customers to reach out to businesses at any time to register customer complaints or any other assistance needed. Businesses now have the opportunity to cater to their valuable customers at all times. 

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Increased personalization 

With the help of new technology, businesses are now able to store huge amounts of customer information like customer preferences, etc. This has enabled businesses to provide a personalized touch to their customers while providing assistance. This has not only made customers feel special but also increased customer satisfaction levels. CRMs like Kapture businesses can also use the collected customer data to structure their marketing strategies which will lead to better sales and increased profitability.

How can customer service be improved? 

  1. Enable feedback channels for customers.
  2. Integrating AI technology into help desk management. 
  3. Using a customer relationship management tool that facilitates omnichannel support.
  4. Taking customer suggestions and feedback seriously.
  5. Setup self-service portals for customers.

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