Kapture CRM managing seamless customer support even during the second wave of the pandemic.

How CRM Systems Like Kapture Are Helping Businesses Cope With the Pandemic’s New Customer Service Needs?

With the onset of the pandemic, there has been a huge spike in companies shifting to online platforms to offer their services. With virtual businesses becoming the new normal these days there is only one question businesses ask themselves and that is – How do we deliver a seamless customer experience in the new normal?. The Impact of COVID-19 on Customer experience has led to a change in customer service needs. Which in turn has resulted in a drastic need for customer relationship management tools like Kapture CRM that not only provide seamless customer service but also help businesses cater to customers from a virtual space. 

All thanks to the COVID pandemic, offering remote Customer Support has become a  new reality. While a few businesses have adapted to the new normal, not all businesses have adapted to efficient Customer service CRMs. It is essential for businesses to adapt to practices that save customer relationships in COVID and beyond and having a tool like Kapture CRM is one of the best ways to start. 

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How Kapture CRM is helping businesses provide seamless customer service – 

  • Provides omnichannel facilities

Did you know that according to a report by Aspect Software, businesses that adopt an omnichannel strategy tend to gain about 91% greater customer retention rates compared to businesses that don’t have an omnichannel approach? 

With growing users on various platforms, it is essential for businesses to provide their services across all those major platforms. Businesses have to exist where the customer exists. But being present on so many platforms might be one heck of a job especially because of the number of tickets that are supposed to be collected across all those platforms. Having a CRM that facilitates omnichannel helps businesses integrate customer service interactions across all platforms in a seamless way.

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  •  Helps customers help themselves through self-service

Did you know that according to Forrester about 76% of customers prefer solving their problems through a self-service portal? One of the best features of Kapture’s customer relationship management systems is the self-service facility. Customers these days are very independent and are always looking for quick and hassle-free remediation. And one of the best ways to provide immediate solutions to their queries is by providing a self-service portal. Self-service portals enable customers to become more independent and satisfied. Since it facilitates immediate assistance it not only increases customer satisfaction but also provides a better customer experience. 

  • Round robin ticket management

With a spike in online shopping rates, there is also an increase in the number of tickets being raised. When help desk management teams receive an enormous number of tickets there are chances of delayed responses or even unattended tickets sometimes. Delayed customer service or worse an unattended ticket not only creates a  negative brand image but also reduces profitability in the long run. By using a CRM system like Kapture businesses are less likely to miss out on potential leads or customers because of the round-robin facility of the tool that makes sure that no tickets go unattended by the customer service agent. Kapture’s ticket management system not only provides a seamless customer service experience but also keeps customers satisfied and happy.

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  • Enables efficient lead tracking

With an influx in online shoppers due to the pandemic customer retention, customer onboarding, and lead tracking become hectic jobs for businesses. Kapture’s CRM system helps businesses track user activity such as videos liked, links clicked on, etc. across their app or their website. The customer support CRM helps businesses create a user profile based on the user’s activity. This data allows businesses to better understand customer needs, likes, dislikes, etc. which can then be used to create efficient and profitable marketing campaigns and sales strategies. Kapture’s help desk management systems not only help businesses track leads but also enable convenient lead organization.

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