How to Improve Customer Service in the Airline Industry

How to Improve Customer Service in the Airline Industry

The airline market is rife with rivalry, and every company strives to stand out and become a consumer favorite. Customers’ only point of distinction in the airline sector may be the level of customer service provided to them.

As David Neelman says, “It’s so important to experience what your customers are experiencing and listen to their suggestions.”

Customer experience is always at the top of the priority list for airlines. Customers that are dissatisfied or disengaged inevitably result in fewer passengers and less money. It is critical that clients have a positive experience every time they travel.

Customer’s Expectations From the Customer Service in the Airline Industry

When you board a flight, what is that one basic thing which you expect from that airline company? It’s a good customer service experience. Customers of the airline industry are satisfied when all their complaints are heard and resolved immediately by the airline company.

There are majorly two things that a customer expects from the customer service in the airline industry.

1. Recognize the needs and fulfill them

The airline business makes every effort to meet all of its client’s expectations and wants. Airline customers see service quality as a complicated aspect, with overall customer satisfaction impacted by several components such as their attitude, emotions, and other socio-economic considerations.

Customer service in the airline industry should be able to evaluate the needs and try to provide a personalized and homely experience to the customers.

2. Communicate well

Text message, email, or a free mobile app may be used by airlines to keep passengers updated about things like delays, ticket changes, weather predictions, security wait times, luggage terminal location, and more.

There are airline management systems that provide capabilities such as omnichannel support, which combines and pulls inquiries from several platforms into a unified platform.

While no one likes having to wait, they will be less upset if they are given advance notice. Timely communication aids in providing clients with a seamless and pleasant customer service experience. Proper communication and conveying information to its customers are important for providing good customer service in the airline industry.

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Why is customer service so important in the airline industry?

Customer service in the airline industry plays a vital role in its success. The airline business centers around the level of service delivered to their clients.

You board a plane and discover that the sitting is uncomfortable; you inform the flight attendant, and a quick solution is supplied. Would you not suggest the airline to a friend or family member? You most certainly will.

Customer service is crucial to your company’s success since it retains customers and benefits from them. Businesses that provide exceptional customer service recoup their client acquisition costs and build a loyal following that refers customers, serves as case studies, and provides feedback and reviews.

5 Ways to Improve Your Airline’s Customer Experience

Creating a spectacular and seamless customer service experience is the foundation of any airline sector, and there are ways for them to do it and customer support tools can help them in achieving it.

The following is a list of items that can assist the airline sector in providing its clients with an A-class service experience.

1. Experience and Service price

Offering a lesser price to clients may get you a customer once or twice, but offering a fantastic service can bring you a customer for life. Companies should focus on how to make visitors feel special or how to make their lives easier.

2. A positive resolution to customers problem

Resolving client complaints and inquiries all at once may help the organization gain a tremendous level of loyalty. Talking to an agent on the phone or through chat only to acquire a window seat may be stressful and inconvenient.

Customer service management software with a self-help feature can assist consumers in quickly selecting their preferred seat and getting answers to other questions.

3. Omnichannel experience=Increase in brand loyalty

A specialized and dependable airline contact center, which consumers can reach through phone, web chat, SMS, or an app, may save your customers a lot of frustration. Maintain an active presence on social media channels such as Twitter and be fast to respond to questions and give support.

According to Forbes, 62% of millennials believe that if a business interacts with them on social media, they are more likely to become a devoted client.

4. Understand your customer

Cater to the needs of all types of customers. Create experiences that cater to their specific requirements.

Again, making it simple for consumers to handle their numerous issues, such as monitoring a checked bag, picking a seat, or communicating quickly with a customer care person, is crucial in providing a pleasant and smooth customer experience.

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5. Provide the best tools to your customer service agents

The core of your total customer service experience is provided by your customer service representatives.

Even if you make every effort to improve customer service, it is vital to give your employees the tools, software, and expertise they require to manage client problems and inquiries.

Customer support tools are used for handling the complaints and queries of the customers in the most sorted way possible.

Why Is Social Media Monitoring Important for Airlines?

Every day, airline firms receive millions of mentions on social media. Travelers sharing images of clouds outside their windows to furious customers complaining about the service are examples of this.

Social media monitoring can help airlines understand customer behavior and integrate new things according to it to improve customer satisfaction.

Customer support tools include social media monitoring, as well as other analytical and reporting functions that aid in understanding customer behavior.

There are several benefits of monitoring social media platforms. The list below will enlighten you with the benefits.

Perfect agent for the complaint- Various customer service management tools help the agents to get insights and detailed information about the complaints and queries on the social media platforms. 

Agents may deliver more detailed solutions in less time by enlisting the help of experts from throughout an organization to assist with difficulties, resulting in greater satisfaction ratings.

Data-driven decisions- Mold your airline services by analyzing the likes, dislikes, positive and negative comments provided by the customers on social media. The data gathered from social media can be used to create a personalized experience for the passengers which will result in improved customer satisfaction.

Handling negative feedback- People have complained about the low quality of service, boarding facilities, and so on. In today’s digital world, a single nasty comment can have a cascading impact. 

This, in turn, can do significant harm to your company. Airline companies can track the negative feedback and provide an immediate resolution which can help in improving brand loyalty towards their customers.

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Social media has brought the globe closer together than ever before. Customers and businesses have become more connected. Every organization has used this platform to stay current, connected, and provide the most value. 

Customers expect the airline sector to do the same. Forwarding a Twitter announcement about a delayed flight or increased safety measures might help you create trust with your consumer. 

Furthermore, social media analytics assists the airline business in focusing on every crucial customer insight in the most efficient manner feasible.

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Measuring Airline Customer Service Management Success

You must be thinking that even after implementing the best methods and tools for your airline, what are the ways by which you will be able to measure how efficient your customer service management system is.

There are a few ways by which you can evaluate the success of your customer service management tool.

1. Customer Satisfaction Score(CSAT)

Surveys can help determine the positive and negative reviews of the customers and their thoughts about the service experience they had with your airline. 

Net promoter score – A net promoter score helps in determining how many customers are happy with your customer services and would love to recommend your airline to their friends and family. This is also evaluated with the help of a survey or feedback form filled by the customers.

2. Social Media Monitoring

Many customers express their dissatisfaction as well as their compliments on social media, but few firms embrace it and reply. 

As a result, the consumer has a frustrating, one-way experience. Tracking social media data allows you to not only know when to reply to a client but also to learn the sorts of queries that are being asked, allowing you to implement better processes to solve those concerns.

3. Monitoring the Overall Resolution Rate

When a consumer contacts you with a query or a complaint, your job is to complete the loop and handle the problem. 

If you fail to reply or give proper help, the customer may be hesitant to do business with you again. Rising resolution rates may determine how successful your customer service is.

4. Average Ticket Handling Time

The amount of time an agent spends working on a particular case is measured by handling time. 

The less time you have, the more effective your team will be. It is critical not to focus primarily on this since agents may hurry through client tickets rather than provide excellent customer care.

Why consumers reach out to brands on social Stats


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Experiences create memories, and memories live on in the heart forever, so make sure to provide your customers with the finest customer service experience possible. Giving end-to-end tailored customer experiences is required to gain client loyalty. Social media monitoring can assist the airline sector in giving a tailored experience to their consumers.

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