CRM Trends in 2021

CRM Trends in 2021: The Importance of Self-Service

With an ongoing increase in digitization, keeping up with the trends of rapid digitization is not only beneficial for businesses but has also become the need of the hour. When businesses choose efficient customer relationship management tools like Kapture it not only helps them keep up with rapid digitization but also helps them grow as an organization.

In addition to this, it also benefits businesses when they keep up with the latest trends in customer relationship management in order to achieve high profitability. While choosing a customer relationship management tool it is important for businesses to keep certain factors in mind like customer behavior, artificial intelligence, customer experience, customer satisfaction levels, etc. Another important thing to keep in mind while choosing a customer relationship management tool is to make sure that the tool facilitates a self-service portal for customers. 

What Is Self-Service and Why Is It Important?

Did you know that according to a report by Microsoft about 77% of customers reported having used a self-service portal? Self-service portals are self-support portals that help customers help themselves out. These self-service support portals act as a knowledge base for customers trying to find answers to their queries. The self-service portal answers all questions or queries that customers would otherwise register as help desk tickets. They answer all questions related to customer service or the product or the service the business is offering. When businesses integrate self-service portals into their customer relationship management tools it not only helps them help customers find solutions for their problems but also helps them develop a better understanding of what exactly the customers are expecting. It helps businesses manage time more efficiently and automate customer care service operations. In addition to this, they also serve as a direct communication channel between the customers and the brand itself.

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Advantages of Integrating Self-Service Portals into Customer Care Tool:

Reduces Customer Service Costs

Self-service support portals help businesses significantly cut down on customer support costs. By facilitating self-support portals businesses are helping customers help themselves out. Reduces the number of tickets increased but also helps customers find solutions on their own using the knowledge base. Here the customers are the ones doing all the work concerning ticket remediation. 

Builds an Independent Customer Base 

A self-service portal also helps businesses build a better and more aware customer base where customers are capable of finding solutions all on their own. Now that all and any information related to services and products are available at their fingertips, customers tend to become more independent and rely less on customer service agents.

Easy Remediation 

By using self-service portals customers are able to easily and immediately resolve their customer care tickets all by themselves. These portals not only facilitate any date remediation but also makes the entire process hassle-free. These portals also act like 24/7 customer care centers as customers are able to use and access the knowledge base at any point of the day to resolve their tickets. 

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Increases Productivity and Efficiency

When customers use a self-service portal to solve their queries and questions related to products or services it drastically reduces the number of help desk tickets being raised and it also reduces the number of repeat tickets or questions or queries being raised. This frees up time for customer support agents which can be used elsewhere. Increases productivity but also increases the efficiency of business operations.

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